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By Dave Scherer on 2017-03-08 10:00:00

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I saw what you wrote yesterday.  I am guessing you wrote it before Raw aired.  Then, they screwed up WrestleMania even more by putting Roman Reigns in with The Undertaker.  I went from being very excited for WrestleMania after The Rumble with the direction things seemed to be going, to totally bored by it now.  This is a serious question: Has Vince McMahon completely lost his mind?

I think it’s the same mind he has always had.  He had plans to go with Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg for the Title and he stuck with them.  He had plans to do Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker and he stuck with, despite the fact that Reigns and Braun Strowman were in the midst of a good feud.  Hell even Strowman vs. Taker was more exciting to the fans.  But Vince has his mind set on what he thinks is best and he goes with it, whether we agree or not.  I totally agree with your statement about the direction of Mania.  I also went from being really excited for to totally apathetic now.  That’s said.

To follow up, I know that WWE is making a lot of money.  But can’t someone get through to Vince and tell him if he didn’t book things many fans don’t want to see, and if he booked things that they did want to see, he could make even more money?

That I completely agree with.  When I criticize WWE booking, I try to always to make the point that they are a very successful company.  With that said, I couldn’t agree more with you.  If WWE booked to appeal the people that don’t like the current booking (which in my opinion would make the product better), they would have the people that are already watching PLUS those that aren’t.  And people have tried to make that point to him.  He just isn’t receptive to the message.

Since WWE claims that their target audience is younger viewers, specifically kids, what kind of message does it send to kids?  Is the message that if you are popular enough, being caught doping by USADA doesn't mean that you can't be WWE Universal Champion and headline Wrestlemania? 

To be clear you are talking Brock Lesnar, who is challenging for the Title.  With that said, no matter what side of the political aisle you sit on, our current President was recorded saying that he sees no issue in grabbing women by their genitalia whether they agree to it or not.  Our society can handle Lesnar failing a drug test.

I just read your text about the big mistake WWE made putting part timers in the Wrestlemania championship matches. I couldn't agree more and would like to add one thought.  Imagine 10 or 20 years from now, there won't be any part timers left to draw this special attention to Wrestlemania because WWE failed to create new ones. That's the point that bothers me most. The decision making is very shortsighted.

It bothers me too.  This is a business that needs to create tomorrow’s stars today.  When I talk to people in the company, they are aware of this too.  It sound macabre, but they bring up the point that Vince McMahon will be 72 years old this year and he can’t go one forever.  It’s sad to think about it like that but honestly, I don’t see anything changing while he has complete control of the company.  As I said above, this is his vision. 

When Goldberg originally decided to come back, he said it was so his son could see him wrestle, because he never had. So Goldberg fights Lesnar. A spear, a jacknife, and the pin. TWO MOVES!!!!  Then he fights Owens. A spear, a jacknife, and the pin. TWO MOVES!!!!  Is this really the wrestler Goldberg wants to show off to his son? Wonder what the kid thinks of wrestling now!

Hell, his kid has to think he is Superman.  He decimates people and beats them in a second.  This has gone better than he could even imagine.  Don’t think of it like a smark, where you think he should do seven topes and a Shining Wizard.  That isn’t how Big Bill sees the business, nor should it be.

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