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By Mike Johnson on 2017-03-05 09:03:00

WWE Hall of Famer Amy "Lita" Dumas wrestled for the first time in many years as part of a six person tag match for MCW in Joppa, Maryland on 3/3.  Dumas teamed with The Bruiser, and The Hell Cats to defeat MCW champion Sean Studd, Andy Vineberg, Rayo & Jeremiah.

Other results from the show saw:

*CPA won a 20 man Battle Royal to become the final entrant into the MCW rage TV Title Tournament

*Brittany Blake defeated Robyn Reid

*MCW Rage TV Title Tournament: Maxwell Jacob Feinstein defeated Greg Excellent to advance to Round 2

*MCW Rage TV Title Tournament: Brandon Scott defeated Ken Dixon to advance to Round 2.  King McBride returned after six months to confront Dixon.

*MCW Rage TV Title Tournament: Dante Caballero defeated CPA to advance to Round 2.

*MCW Rage TV Title Tournament: Napalm vs Marcellus Prime ended in Double Count out giving Dante Caballero a tournament bye into the finals.

*MCW Rage TV Title Tournament Round 2: Brandon Scott defeated Maxwell Jacob Feinstein to advance to finals.

*Adam Rose defeated Joe Keys by Disqualification.  After the match, Grandmaster Sexay (Brian Christopher) made a surprise appearance.

*MCW Rage TV Title Tournament Finals: Dante Caballero defeated Brandon Scott to become the MCW Rage TV Champion.

*Brian Cage Defeated Lio Rush.

MCW returns on 3/11 to Hollywood, MD with Ryback and more.  For more on MCW, visit


MCW Pro Wrestling's next event is this saturday March 11th when we return to Hollywood, MD with Former WWE Star Ryback. for more information visit

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