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By Mike Johnson on 2017-03-04 10:15:00

Impact Wrestling has two sets of tapings today at Universal.  The afternoon taping will be for a Knockouts One Night Only PPV and the evening taping will be more of the TV shows.  If anyone is attending, we are seeking spoiler reports.

In what has to be considered a big change, there has been absolutely no Aroluxe involvement in this week's Impact Wrestling TV tapings thus far and no sign of Jason Brown or Ron Harris.  It appears the production company (which at one point was close to taking over Impact altogether under the Dixie Carter regime when they were getting a percentage of the company in lieu of payment for their services and came extremely close to foreclosing and owning it altogether) is no longer involved.  The regular local production crew was utilized but they were overseen by Impact staff, not Aroluxe.  At one point, the proposed plan was for Anthem to own 85% and Arouluxe to have 10%, leaving 5% to Dixie Carter.  Instead, it would appear that after everything Aroluxe went through, they instead, are out with Anthem taking control and charge.

While everyone is doing their job as asked of them, there have continued to be some quiet grumbling of talent who have been with the company for some time feeling as if under the new regime that the "GFW" talents and staff have supplanted them and they are now simply there to get over the new names.  We'll see how that shakes out over the next few days, but my gut is that the feeling is normal when a new boss with new edicts comes in.

Matt Morgan and Chris Mordetsky/Masters were backstage doing photo shoots last night, so they are coming in.

The LAX return segment was said to have been great by a number of people, featuring an intensity that the company hasn't shown in some time.

Caleb Konley is working under the hood as Suicide at the tapings this week.

Karen Jarrett returned as an on-air talent at last night's taping as well.

They are breaking up the DCC group.  I am guessing that will lead to a more traditional presentation of James Storm as the Cowboy again.

Gail Kim was backstage last night.

MMA fighter turned pro wrestler Phil Baroni was also backstage.  We were told he was visiting.

Aron Rex is not at the tapings this week as he is filming a movie role.

There is talk of GFW Women's champ Christina Von Eerie coming in but not for this set of tapings.

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