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By Andrew Twiss on 2017-03-03 18:21:00

The first match was ODB vs. Rebel. Earl Hebner stole Rebel's cowboy hat and kissed her. Then he took a swig from ODB'S flask and ODB kissed him. Yep.

LAX returned to Impact as a five person unit - NYC area tag team EYFBO, Konnan, Homicide, and Florida indy talent Angel Rose.

Suicide also returned, working a 4 person X Division match and later lost to Davey Richards. It is Suicide, not Manik.   Not sure who is under the mask.

There will be 4 teams competing the vacant Impact Tag Championships: Decay, LAX, Reno Scum, and Garza & Laredo Kid. If my timing is right the match is scheduled for the March 29 episode. 

Also, they're continuing to build to a split between DCC.

This taping feels a lot different. Much more attitude to it. Several curse words being thrown out in promos and you have Konnan and LAX flipping birds all over the place. Feels much less sanitized than the last year or so of Impact. 

I saw this from a distance, but it looked like Konnan and some of LAX got into it with a fan as they were leaving their match. I'm not certain if it was a plant or not, but it didn't look like it was being filmed. It was verbal, not physical, but I'm seeing more security around the venue. Some other fans seem to be pretty rowdy too.  Might be time to call Ronnie Lang and Atlas Security if this keeps up.

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