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By Dave Scherer on 2017-03-06 10:00:00

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Why have IMPACT not taken advantage of the thousands upon thousands in Orlando during Wrestlemania week by announcing some tapings or AT LEAST one show? They should be all over Orlando that week but instead have announced tapings either side of it?

Good question. If it were me running the company, I sure would announce a show.  I am typing this on Friday so maybe they will announce something during their tapings.  It would make sense to try and get some of the fans in town for Mania to try their product.

Why did The Rock not appear on screen on RAW when he was backstage last week? He appeared before and surely any chance WWE get to put The Rock on TV should not be wasted? Even if it was for him to announce the New Day as Mania hosts?

WWE would take an appearance from him in a second if he wanted to do it.  No one has commented on the record so I would guess he didn’t want to make an on air-appearance.  I can understand that too.  Unless it’s for a special reason, him appearing on WWE TV shouldn’t be wasted, especially if it comes at the expense of the talent that is at the show week in and week out.

How did TNA just waste The DCC as a group and angle within a month of them being unmasked? They seem to be in a mixed bag of semi decent feuds and being lost in the mid card and jobbing a lot. And it couldn’t all be from the old creative team right?

Everything you see on wrestling TV comes from the creative team.  Jeff Jarrett had input at the January tapings so my guess is he wasn’t a big fan of the stable.

With TNA pulling out a new UK TV deal, when Challenge dropped TNA, was the old regime in charge of trying to create a solution for the UK with Anthem or was it all Anthem? Just seems like if they made the deal with Spike UK so swiftly, it couldn't have been made sooner?

Anthem had to take over and gain control of the company first.  It’s hard to make a TV deal with a company that was in the flux that TNA was back at the end of last year.  

Finn Balor is about to return to WWE live events which should also mean that he is going to return to Raw. The matches that are advertised seem to indicate that he will somehow be involved in the Rollins/HHH/Samoa Joe situation. Could this mean they are still trying to go with Rollins vs HHH at Mania and build up for Balor vs Joe? They do have a history from NXT. On the other hand, if I were to book it, I wouldn’t wanna see them face off at Mania because both guys deserve to win. If they can’t put Balor in the title picture for Mania, they should hold him off TV until after. Your thoughts?

If he is going to return for a Mania match, tonight would be the time to bring him back.  Personally, I would like to see him come back for the Title that he never lost.  Unless they have Triple H or Stephanie pull a heel move on him, it wouldn’t make any sense for him to do anything but go for his belt.  So if it’s me, and he can’t be in the Title picture at WrestleMania, I would hold him off until afterward.  But the flip side is, he would want to work the biggest show of the year if healthy.  So if they bring him back, I hope they have a great angle in place to explain why he doesn’t go right for his belt.  I would love to have HHH put Joe in his way if he is going to come back and not go for the Title.

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