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By Mike Johnson on 2017-03-03 10:00:00

I have a theory that Shinsuke Nakamura will be going to the main roster after Wrestlemania.  He's not really involved in storylines and you can pretty much predict that he'll put over Bobby Roode one more time at Takeover in Orlando and then move on.  Thoughts?

I wouldn't be shocked if you were indeed correct in those assumptions.

What are the odds of Kanellis and Bennett returning to Ring of Honor?

Well, they do have a show this Saturday in NYC, which would be a great place for a surprise appearance.  I could see it happening.  There's been enough time since they were in ROH on their last run for a return to be something fresh that the audience would be excited about.

Why are so many people who couldn't make things work in the past for TNA now being brought back?

Jeff Jarrett is in charge and he's building his team.  That's why.  Dutch Mantel has a good track record for booking so I am hopeful that he has something good planned but the reality is they are trying to bring something that's been on life support in many ways and get it healthy again.  We have to give them time to see if it can happen.

Do you see Vince Russo going back to TNA now that Dixie Carter is gone?

No, I don't, but anything can happen, especially if the new regime doesn't click.  I think that it's pretty apparent that Jarrett doesn't want Russo involved, because if he did, Russo would have been hired when Dutch Mantel was.

Any chance of Spike taking TNA back?

That is an interesting question.  Spike is going to be rebranded The Paramount Network and there's no sign they are interested in pro wrestling being part of that reboot, but they have had a lot of meetings with potential TNA replacements in the years since TNA's relationship with the company ended.  One of the things that we've often heard was that Spike had tired of Dixie Carter, so now that she is no longer in the driver's seat when it comes to TNA ownership, one would think that could make things a little more possible, but I see it as a long shot.  We shall see.

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