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By Mike Johnson on 2017-03-01 16:10:00

Former TNA champion Drew Galloway was interviewed by The Scottish Sun today to discuss his decision to not sign a new TNA contract and instead, depart the company.

Galloway confirmed the story reported by several days ago, that the company tried to lock him in too close to the previous contract ending.  He told the newspaper, ""They came to me last week with an offer and it was very very good one, one of the best in the company and a position as top guy but the reality is that because they waited until the last second I had to turn it down.  Everything was so last minute. I had to to think about back-up plans and family because it went to the wire.   I was surprised I got no heads-up beforehand and when they got in touch last week they wouldn’t accept no for an answer and the financial offer was great so it was a very hard decision to make.  If all of this was said three weeks ago I would have signed."'

Galloway said that the company wanted him to be positioned as the top talent in Europe, the UK and the United States, but they reached out to him too late for him to want to stay.

There's been rumblings of both WWE and ITV being interested in signing Galloway over the last several days but nothing confirmed.

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