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By Mike Johnson on 2017-03-01 09:07:00

Former TNA Knockouts champion Jade's deal with TNA has expired and she is now officially a free agent, has confirmed.  There is no word whether she will be working this week's Impact Wrestling tapings as the company has been working to have all the regulars appearing on the tapings signed to deals.

Jade, real name Stephanie Bell, 27, has been with the company full-time since 2015, initially debuted as a member of the Dollhouse with Taryn Terrell and Marti Belle.  Once that group ran its course, Jade has been pushed as one of the focal points of the Knockouts division and has currently been feuding with Rosemary for the championship.  She received a lot of mainstream media attention last year for speaking out against domestic abuse she has endured in the past.

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