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By Mike Johnson on 2017-02-28 09:20:00

Unless there is a major change of fate today, Matt and Jeff Hardy will be free agents as of midnight.

Jeff Jarrett wrote the following on Twitter:

We are hearing the company plans to get very aggressive at looking for new, younger talents.

There is also a LOT of talk that the company has a strategy to discontinue the TNA name officially.  A few readers have asked if there's a possibility that the GFW name will replace the TNA initials.  I haven't heard that officially, but it certainly would make a lot of sense.

Impact Wrestling announced Rosemary vs.Jade in a Last Knockouts Match for the Knockouts Championship for this Thursday's Impact episode.

TNA will be taping TV from 3/2-3/5 this week. is seeking spoiler reports from the tapings.

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