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By Dave Scherer on 2017-03-01 10:00:00

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Whatever happened to the planned Mick Foley biopic? Wasn't that another Jeff Katz project?

I didn’t even remember this so I asked Mike Johnson and he said it was planned and went nowhere.  

While I agree that WWE was not behind The Rock calling CM Punk during the segment after Raw, do you really think that they're actually mad at him? If you look at it from the flip side, this drew a TON of social media buzz for WWE for free.  It's not like they can really punish him even if they wanted to. The Rock no longer needs WWE and only comes back to them out of love of the business, plus I'm sure it pays well.  Also, The Rock came up during the Attitude Era where going off script and doing the outrageous was accepted. Lastly, what if this is the first step towards reconciliation? Punk was grateful for the love.

I don’t think that WWE is truly super upset about it, probably more like, “Come on Rock, don’t go there!”  It did get a buzz for sure.  But no way I see it as the first step in a reconciliation.  The issues between Punk and WWE are to real and fresh.  If any kind of reconciliation is to happen, it will have to be head on, not through a third party back door.

This is a 2 part question regarding Gail Kim.  Why do you think WWE was unable to use Gail Kim as well as TNA was able to use her? I honestly can't think of any women wrestlers now or even in the past that remotely are even on her level and if there are who would be the 3 that are better or close to being as good?  Asuka and Charlotte for me would be the closest 2 as far as talent but I still think they are along ways away.

TNA has always booked women as athletes.  WWE used to book them as Divas, beautiful women who did a little bit of wrestling.  I love Gail’s work but I think you do a disservice to a lot of other great wrestlers by saying no one was close to her.  I disagree.

Do you find it at all disrespectful that two days after George Steele dies, Ivan Koloff also passes away, yet very little, if any, mention is made by the world news? And even WWE, while making a big deal out of his passing, never mentions Ivan Koloff? Well, there is a small article buried on their website. But I think, like George Steele, he should have had as much attention. Yes, I know he was in a lawsuit against the WWE, but still, fans just want to see wrestlers get their due.

I don’t tell anyone how they should mourn the dead, it’s a rule of mine.  With that said, if it were me, I would have given Koloff a segment on Raw as well beyond the brief mention WWE aired.  He was a very nice man and someone that figured prominently into WWE’s history as he ended Bruno Sammartino’s WWWF Title reign.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but Strowman vs Big Show was awesome. It had drama and suspense when Big Show tried to superplex Strowman, it had the draw of two physically huge wrestlers, it had the symbolic passing of the torch feel of one big man to another, it had technical moments e.g. Strowmans nip up(!), it had great displays of strength with Strowmans power slam and it has definitely elevated Strowman especially with beating down Reigns afterwards. It wasn't your classic 45 minute technical battle on a huge PPV main event, but for the reasons mentioned, could that be an early match of the year contender? Kudos to the Big Show by the way - after his length of time in the biz and at his age, he doesn’t need to be going out and having matches and taking bumps like that.

I too loved the match.  It was outstanding.  Show worked really hard and Strowman gets better every time out.  I enjoy the hell of him and am loving watching him improve so much, so quickly.  Match of the year is purely subjective but it was a great match and both guys deserve a ton of credit.

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