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By Dave Scherer on 2017-02-28 10:00:00

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If there's any heat from management on the Rock for calling CM Punk in the ring, do you think it will affect any decision to bring Rock back in the future, seeing as he is usually given the freedom to go as far off script as he wants?  Would WWE ever risk their good relationship with Rock, who is bigger than the WWE at this point, by forcing him to stick to a script in future promos?

You kind of answered your own question.  Heat?  Well, he can’t really get heat at this point since he is the more desirable one in the relationship (and that is no slight on WWE, more a testament to Rock’s stature).  I am sure that there are some things that Rock could say to end their relationship but they would have to be pretty extreme.  I think if WWE tried to be draconian with him and his appearances, it wouldn’t end well for them.

Is it indeed true that WWE allows it's two (main) brands to write independently?  I am asking because it damn sure seems so.  Smackdown has been like a fountain of youth for a lot of careers, to a degree where the blue brand actually has a load of potential or already established main eventers and a seemingly very deep and fresh roster to follow.

There are different teams, yes.  The big difference is how much influence Vince McMahon exerts over the show.  He does a lot for Raw.  Less for Smackdown most of the time.  

Do you think Percy Watson adds anything to the NXT commentary team?  I certainly don't.  Do you know how he made his way back into such a role with the company?  Secondarily,  I can't understand the obsession that the company has with the 3(or 4 on SD) man booth.  Cut Saxton on RAW, cut Tom and Otunga on SD (although I'm no fan of JBL's commentary persona), cut Percy and let Tom and Nigel grow as a team.  It's unnecessary overkill, in my opinion. 

I too am a fan of the two man teams.  The Smackdown broadcast team is amazingly good for having four men.  I would prefer two myself but Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn feel differently.  As for Percy, he is learning and NXT is in a bit of a change period.  I will give them time to gel and see what happens.

With The Rock shooting part of his movie at Raw, I'm wondering, did he use the WWE crew and cameras for that or did he have his own crew that was hired for the movie and their own equipment? How did that work? 

The film crew was different than the WWE crew.

Big fan of PWInsider. So just wondering, after watching RAW....are Stephanie and Sasha going to wrestle or what? That would be an awesome feud. What do you think?

I would love to see one match.  I don’t know that Stephanie could carry a feud, and I don’t think that she should.  I do think given how rotten she has been to both Bayley and Sasha, she should get her comeuppance.  Whether that will happen?  I don’t know but I will say that the more they let Steph berate people without every getting what is coming to her, the less effective the character is.  If she is going to play the modern day version of her father, she needs to put the talent over the way that he did.

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