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By Dave Scherer on 2017-02-27 10:00:00

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Regarding the Smackdown #1 contender battle royal, with the finish, it was clear to everyone that AJ Styles hit the floor well before Luke Harper.  When Daniel Bryan came out why didn't they call an audible and say that Luke Harper won, but since it was controversial there would be a match next week between Styles and Harper to determine the #1 contender?  Would have made more sense then them trying to act like we are all stupid and blind.  

That is not his decision to make.  Unless someone told him to do that, he couldn’t go into business for himself and make that call.

Since the WWE Hall of Fame has no rules regarding a wrestler being retired a certain number of years before induction, what do you think of the idea of inducting deserving veterans while they are still actively wrestling?  Guys like Jericho, Big Show, and Mark Henry come to mind.  It would be a nice show of respect and allow them to finish out their careers as the living legends they deserve to be regarded as.  

I am not a fan of that idea at all.  To me, a Hall Of Fame is an honor that should be bestowed upon someone after their career is over.  Sure, in wrestling guys could make appearances after the fact, but I think that someone should be retired when they get inducted, not active.  Now, if Henry or Show were to announce that this will be their last WrestleMania, I am fine with them going in with that year’s class.

Do you think they should have saved Bayley's big title win for Wrestlemania?  Winning the title to close RAW was no small feat, but winning at Wrestlemania would have been that much bigger. 

I wouldn’t have had a problem if they did that, at all.  But they also have the Charlotte PPV streak in play.  I would have no issue with Charlotte winning the Title back next weekend by nefarious means and then Bayley beats her to end the PPV streak at WrestleMania.  I like that Bayley got the win because I think she needed a Title run to make her important after they had booked her pretty poorly upon her call up.  Plus, WWE makes big money from their TV rights fees so they want to deliver big moments on Raw too.

Since Paige is still officially under contract to WWE, why is she not involved in the Rock's film about her career?  It would make much more sense to use the actual person, rather than a "stunt double,"  especially for the scenes they filmed after RAW.  Is there beef or anything else preventing her from appearing on WWE tv at the moment?  

For one thing, she is recovering from a neck injury.  For another, she isn’t an actress.  For yet another, it’s a movie, not a documentary.  And you also have to keep in mind that her status with WWE is kind of rocky right now.  It’s possible she will be gone before the movie is released and then that would create a bad situation.

I have a question about the mandatory handshakes they have the wrestlers do before the cruiserweight and UK matches.  Isn't it illogical for the heels, Neville and Pete Dunne for example, to do clean handshakes?  Would you have the heels always do some sort of cheapshot instead of the clean handshakes we have seen so far?

If they are forced to do it in the rules then it means they have to do it.  I find it adds an interesting element, as it has in Ring Of Honor for years.

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