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By Mike Johnson on 2017-02-24 10:00:00

I just read the response in the Q&A about Raw being the A-show over Smackdown. While I definitely see and believe that WWE treats it that way, wasn't the point of the brand split to change that? From what I remember, WWE was legitimately trying to create a split with roster, writing teams, etc., even putting big names like Cena and the WWE World title on Smackdown and giving different reasons to watch both shows. It's been less than a year, so why did that idea change so quickly? I feel like they didn't even give the split a chance to change people's perceptions.

No one said the idea changed.  The person asking the question referred to it as the "A" show and I explained that the show brings in more revenue than Smackdown, which is true.  You are reading too much into it.

Do you think it's a big mistake to put Austin Aries in the Cruiserweight Division? He could definitely fit in the main event picture fighting for the world title similar to Styles and Ambrose, and I feel once he is labeled as a Cruiserweight, people won't take him seriously if he ever moves out of the division. 

No, it's a good way to give him a place to expose himself to WWE fans who might not know who he is. Aries is going to get a sizable push as part of the division.  Remember, AJ Styles started out in the TNA X-Division and now he's headlining WWE PPVs.  Just because someone starts with some classification, that doesn't mean they will be stuck there forever.

I just wanted to follow up on the Mike Awesome/Masato Tanaka match question you answered. That match was beyond awesome and both men should have received contracts for their performance. Any idea why the both didn't? Especially with the revival of the ECW brand under WWE a couple of years later. 

Tanaka had a full-time deal in Japan at the time.  I never heard of any interest in bringing Awesome in around 2006.  Most of the talents that were signed for the new ECW in that era were the roster from the end of the original ECW.

Hello. Do you ever foresee a time when Wrestlemania becomes a two-day event based on the size of the talent roster? Looking ahead to this year's show, I can think of 15-16 potential match-ups. If WWE were to combine these 15-16 matches with the NXT Takeover event, as well as feature stars from the U.K. and any other potential territory they may have in place in the future, they could put together two very good 4 hr shows on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon instead of a marathon 7 hour show. Is it feasible for WWE to book two nights in a large stadium, and do you think fans would buy into this concept?

It's already a four day event when you factor in the Hall of Fame or NXT, etc.  I don't believe we'll ever see the show itself run over two days, however.  The logistics of it as a live event would be impossible.

Any word on how Dynamite Kid is doing?

Last we had heard, he was staying in a nursing home and a not doing well.  We wish him and his family the best.

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