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By Steven Fernandes on 2017-02-22 09:04:00

WWN announced the following:

WWN will crown the first WWN Champion at the WWN Supershow: Mercury Rising 2017 on April 1st at 8pm in Orlando, FL. This champion will reign over WWN and go to the various WWN promotions for title defenses. WWN officials have decided how the champion will be determined. WWN Family promotions have been asked to send a current or former champion for a multi-person elimination match. The lone survivor of this match of champions will be the first WWN Champion! Tickets are now on sale.

Former EVOLVE Champion and multi-time EVOLVE Tag Team Champion Drew Galloway has demanded to be entered in the WWN Championship Decision Match. His resume backs up this demand. He is the first competitor officially entered into this multi-man elimination match of champions on April 1st at the WWN Supershow.

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