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By Steven Fernandes on 2017-02-21 08:52:00

Jeff Katz recently applied to trademark "Illuminati Fight Club" for wrestling purposes. 

Katz, a former WCW Hotline personality as a teenager, grew up to be a Hollywood executive who worked on a number of films including the first Wolverine movie and Freddy vs. Jason.  In 2011, Katz produced a season of what was titled The Wrestling Revolution Project several years ago in Los Angeles after being partially funded on Kickstarter by 137 backers. 

The plan was to have the 13 week season feature a completely unique wrestling "universe" where everyone involved would be playing brand new characters, even if they had been otherwise exposed through their work for other companies.  The material has yet to be released or distributed in any way, shape or form, leaving Katz open to a lot of criticism and scrutiny. 

Katz would publicly state in 2013 that the material would finally be released, but nothing, to date, has been seen publicly and Katz has been radio silent on the wrestling front, instead working on new Hollywood projects.  It's possible the new trademark could be for his old WRP project and be a possible sign that finally, the material will be seen by fans.

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