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By Dave Scherer on 2017-02-22 10:00:00

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What are they doing to Rusev? Did he upset someone in creative? I must have missed something, but why is he all of a sudden wearing a mask? At the least, it sure takes away from the toughness & fearsomeness he used to be known for.

He suffered a facial injury so he is protecting it.  As for his lack of push?  Beats me.  I think they have left a lot on the table with him.  They definitely should use him better than they have.

I just cannot figure the logic. So Stephanie makes a match of Reigns vs The Club. And even though I know it will end in some kind of dq, I wonder where the logic is. I mean, should they beat Reigns, then people would say, "Well it took two of them to beat him." But if Reigns won, then that would make the tag team champs look really weak, and would look bad for all tag teams.  So was there any logic there?

I have said that for years when WWE books stupid matches like that.  They want to keep Roman strong since he will get beat down by Braun later, fine, I get that.  So don’t book him against your Tag Team champions and make THEM look bad in the process.  It’s not that difficult to understand.  I don’t get why they keep doing it wrong like that.

What would have happened if the WWE lost the Monday Night Wars and WCW was the clear cut winner across the board and there was no attitude era for the WWE to do to win the war like they did at the time?  Would WWE still be a presence in some form?  Would Ted Turner have made an offer to buy WWE?  Would Vince take his lumps, go back to the drawing board and try to fight another day? What would the landscape of wrestling look like if it was WCW and not WWE that won the war and not have been bought out by Vince and WWE?  

Man, that is so hard to say.  I think WWE would have downsized and done all that they could to stay in business.  I think they would have found a way to do that.  The other part of the equation is would WCW still have been shut down had that happened.  Nitro was still doing solid ratings and it was shut down anyway.  There were expensive contracts and Time Warner’s Jamie Kellner didn’t want the product around.  So would that have created the vacuum would have allowed WWE to surge back?  We shall never know.

Does ROH owe it to us fans to explain why all 3 of its announcers left the company?

That is an interesting question and it depends on your point of view.  To me, I don’t believe that they do.

Well I am done with the Pre-shows. It never really was all that entertaining, but last night, adding Carmella, well that was enough. She was unendingly, incessantly, and unnecessarily annoying, and she made a so-so show even worse. Who brilliant idea was that?

WWE management’s.  I agree, it wasn’t a great idea.

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