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By Dave Scherer on 2017-02-21 10:00:00

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I totally don't get this situation with Orton. I know that many times creative have very short memories, and they will also do very illogical things, But this situation, to me, is totally contradictory to the character that Orton has always been. Good guy or bad, he would NEVER admit to being a servant to someone else, that someone else was the master. That is just not him. In all the years he has been in WWE, that has never been part of his character. And to voluntarily give up his title shot at WM? Why do you think that Creative thinks we will buy such a ridiculous premise? Or are they just planning on another senseless swerve?

At this point I see it as them using the goodwill Randy has, plus his Rumble win, to help elevate Bray Wyatt.  John Cena did the same thing by losing clean to him twice.  If that is the ultimate goal, I am fine with it.  I am a fan of using over talent’s goodwill like that.

I've read that ideas floating around for Wrestlmania include Cena vs Miz or Cena and Bella vs Miz and Maryse. Considering how Miz is still mocking Daniel Bryan, and assuming Bryan is still unable to compete, I see him being the referee of the match.  If that happens, would you support a Daniel Bryan turn to help Miz and "go against the family"? I'm not advocating physical interference unless they have reevaluated and cleared him, but maybe a quick count or some other assist. Bryan could rail against how Cena has always been cold to him and say Miz has earned his respect and so on.  Good, bad, or ugly?

God no, that would be stupid based off of what they have done thus far.  Miz has been a total tool to Bryan.  It would make no sense to help him.  Plus, the crowd doesn’t want to boo Bryan.  That idea is ugly.

How great was the segment with the breakup of Jericho and Owens this week on Raw?  One of the best I've seen in a long time.  The subtle touches like using the list as a gift, and Jericho's 30 second shoot promo in the beginning talking about how great the last year has been.  His and Owen's facials were just fantastic.   Both guys are such pros.   It just shows that when they want to, WWE creative can actually be good.

Yep and it’s amazing what can happen when Vince McMahon is not at TV.  Cause and effect?  Only the inner circle knows for sure.  But as I say all the time WWE can book to appeal to kids and the parents that bring them.  You saw that there.  They should do it more often.

So why did we need to give big match John a 14 day title reign, couldn't AJ have dropped it to Bray?

Sure, they could have done it but I think it was much more effective to have him beat Cena and AJ, then beat them again.  Like it or not, Cena is THE made man on the roster.  Pinning him twice in a few days means a lot so I am glad they gave that to Bray.

So after all this time, Emma/Emmalina finally comes out and then says a couple of confusing things, and leaves! Whaaat? Are they going anywhere with this?

The word making the rounds is that they just didn’t feel she was a natural to play a Sable like character.  I am fine with that.  She is very pretty, sure, but she is an excellent wrestler.  She would be wasted as eye candy at a time when women are having great matches on the shows.  Let her wrestle I say!

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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