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By Dave Scherer on 2017-02-20 10:00:00

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Why are WWE's part-timers such as Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Triple H and Undertaker almost always appear on RAW and never on SmackDown? Is it because the WWE views RAW as the A-show?

Yes, and to be fair, it is.  They get paid the most money for Raw so they treat it accordingly.

Why did they cancel the Legends with JBL series? It was one of the most interesting original shows on the network, in my opinion.

No reason was given but it’s usually either that the viewership of a series isn’t very high or the cost to produce the program is more than the viewership that the program delivers.

Why have they not done any live podcasts on the WWE network in a while?  If they can't get Stone Cold to host, they always have Jericho, who is just as good at the job, if not better.

The reason above applies here as well.  Austin doesn’t work cheap, that’s for sure.  And frankly, I think the fact that the shows used to go really inside the business and have since become more in the way of propaganda hurt the appeal of them.  I know it did for me.

I always think of the Steiner Brothers as one of the best teams I have ever seen.  Even by todays standards they are awesome. Why do we never hear them mentioned in conversations when discussing HOF or greatest tag teams?

I always hear them mentioned in discussions of great tag teams.  Hell, WWE even has American Alpha be compared to them.  The Hall Of Fame is a different subject.  Scott Steiner has been so critical of HHH that I don’t see WWE trusting him with a live microphone.  I don’t think that they even want to broach the subject, which is a shame but understandable.

Do you think that there is any way that Styles and Owens will be in the title picture at WM? Such a waste and a shame if not, considering how much they did this past year.

As I wrote yesterday, I think there is a chance.  They could easily have Jericho interfere and have KO defend against him at Mania, which is what should be done.  AJ Styles could win the Battle Royal and take on Bray Wyatt as well, which is now possible since Randy Orton gave up his shot.  I think that should happen as well.  So there’s a chance, and both men deserve the spots.

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