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By Mike Johnson on 2017-02-17 10:00:00

How does NJPW have the rights to show the Chavo Sr. match from Showdown at Shea?

At the time, WWF and New Japan Pro Wrestling had a working relationship and NJPW sent talents over.  It's likely that WWF provided them with the tapes of those matches and they still reside in New Japan's archive.

I know in some cases, you receive your news, spoilers, etc. from insiders at the promotion under anonymity. Assuming some are wrestlers, have you ever seen that all of a sudden that wrestler is getting buried on TV, not used anymore, etc., with the added assumption that they were caught leaking info and is getting punished for it now? I believe I read at point point of another in the Q&A that the WWE has put out red herrings here and there to find out if there is a mole. And semi-related question. Did the mole storyline in the Attitude Era have any truth weaved into that storyline?

I would guess that this scenario has happened at some point, but I've never heard a direct admission of a wrestler not being pushed because he leaked information.

Why did the WWE give the title to John Cena only to lose it at the next PPV? If the reason was to elevate Bray Wyatt, I'm not sure it made sense. The way Elimination Chamber played out was that Wyatt pinned Cena clean and guaranteed a new champion with Wyatt and Styles left. Then Wyatt pinned Styles clean. If the title stayed on Styles, then it could have been Wyatt pinning Styles first guaranteeing a new champion, then pinning Cena clean. No disrespect to Styles, but pinning Cena last would have been bigger in the eyes of fans. If the real reason for the title change was for Cena to tie Flair's record, then what is the plan for Cena now? That was a forgettable one-month run.

Cena's role was to transition the belt to Wyatt, who has now pinned the last two previous champions.  That is absolutely textbook wrestling when it comes to trying to elevate someone.

Why in the blue hell is there a four-man announcer booth on Smackdown?

They want Mauro to call wrestling, Tom Phillips to handle the "promotional" pushes, JBL to be the heel and they like Otunga and wanted to give him a role.

If NXT is now a touring brand, and the worry is that bringing the current tops NXT stars to the main roster will hurt and thin out NXT, then why not bring current WWE stars to NXT to help? They did it with Zack Ryder and Emma, and I'm sure acts like The Ascension, The Vaudvillans, Tyler Breeze, etc. would be welcomed back with open arms by the NXT fanbase. I'm not suggesting pushing the WWE stars over NXT talent. I'm just saying it will lend name value and talent for when they tour.

It's entirely possible you will see this at some point.  The hope is to get NXT to the point where talents can leave Raw and Smackdown and go there as much as anywhere else on the roster.

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