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By Dave Scherer on 2017-02-15 10:00:00

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I am writing this well before Smackdown Live on Tues 15th Feb. Do you think the reason Cena got to "even" the Ric Flair's titles number on a secondary PPV is because Vince will book him to "break" the record at Wrestlemania? It sure was a monumental moment (ignoring the fact that it is a work sports), but breaking the record will definitely be bigger than matching it.

As I type this on Tuesday, no I don’t think that will be the plan.  The Rumble isn’t a secondary PPV!  It’s a big three show so I don’t think that there was anything wrong with him tying the record on that show. And after I watched Smackdown I give props to Cena.  He did the job again.  I think they put the Title on him so that he can help make Bray Wyatt.  I give him credit.

Curious. I was watching a show last week on The Network, and someone was talking about Flair and Cena. (It might have been Daniel Bryan).  Anyway, they were saying that one difference was that when John won a belt, he would hold it for a while, but Flair would hold it for some short periods. Uhh..hello? And then Cena goes and loses the title after less than a month! How dumb do they think we are?

Honestly, the narrative is what they want it to be.  They are in a position to present Alternative Facts, and they make the most of that.  And to be fair, Cena hadn’t lost yet at the time that show aired.

My question is in regards to NXT call ups; with Samoa Joe being assigned to Raw(who i thought is a better fit for SDL) do you think Shinsuke Nakamura when called up will go to SDL? Or if not Shinsuke the next BIG call up? Or do you think that every time NXTs BIG stars move up theyll be going to Raw like Samoa Joe and Finn Balor?

Well, Raw is still the top show in the eyes of the company so if you are a talent, you want to be called up to that program.  In Joe’s case, he is getting aligned with HHH, which should be a major positive for him.  I would venture to guess that he is happy with that spot.

What do you think the odds are that Owens retains at Fast Lane? It has seemed a foregone conclusion that Goldberg would win and go on to face Lesnar as champion but what if this is misdirection? After last night’s brilliant "Festival of Friendship" Owens has really elevated himself. We all knew it would happen eventually but it was executed really well. If Owens were to face Lesnar and Goldberg at Mania there is a better chance he could retain. Nobody would have seen it coming. 

I can’t give you odds but I think him retaining is the right thing to do.  Neither Goldberg nor Lesnar should be the champ in my opinion and neither need the belt.  That should stay on the full time talents.  After last night, they have a ready made angle where Jericho comes down an attacks Owens during the match and gets a shot at the Title at Mania.  Or they could have Jericho save Owens’, and then attack him, also setting up the match.  The Title should stay on KO.

Prior to the Rumble it became apparent (a lot due to betting odds being 1/25 at one point) that Randy Orton was winning the Rumble. All last week it was apparent again due to similar reasons that Bray Wyatt was winning the WWE Title. Goldberg becoming champion is now a similar situation, with almost everyone knowing the results pre event, and even the WMania33 Card being online before matches are announced, Cena/Nikki vs Miz/Maryse springs to mind. My question I guess is how does Vince feel about this? Does he even pay attention to the online sites getting everything correct from sources et al pre event? Surely he doesn’t want viewers knowing what happens in advance?

He knows that stuff gets out there and most of the time doesn’t make changes because of it.  If he believes in his plans, he shouldn’t either.  But make no mistake, he hates that it leaks and if he finds out who did it, he will fire them in most, if not all, cases.

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