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By Mike Johnson on 2017-02-16 10:00:00

OK, seriously, what the hell happened to Aron Rex/Damien Sandow?

He pitched a character that you don't like and TNA approved it.

This is a silly, rhetorical question, but if I hated someone so much that I wanted to put them through an announce table, why would I want to make it easy for them and clear the TV monitors and other stuff? I would definitely want to hurt them more by leaving all of that on there. Nor would I even take the time to consider clearing the table, as I'd want to hurt then as fast as possible. With that said, is there any logical way to book that spot without making it seem illogical to take the time and clear everything off of the table?

Well, you don't want to be arrested for murder, so I guess you should move the TV monitors.

Everyone knew that the BFFs were going to split, and it would end up with a feud.

However, how badly did WWE botch the KO and Y2J break up?

It seemed to make no sense in the manner of telling a story. It felt haphazard and rushed. 

Shouldn't this have come as a result of Y2J attempting to help Owens but ending up costing him the title or something along those lines?

If anyone would have a reason to turn, it would be Jericho because he always helps KO but KO never helps him.

Jericho could have decided that the only reason Owens is champ is because of him. In my opinion, of the two, Jericho is the better heel. He is awesome as a heel and revels on it, but now he looks weak.

I hope that they at least let Jericho go off the deep end for revenge.

I disagree with you that WWE botched it.  They pulled the trigger on the break-up early and did so in a way that put heat on Owens while Jericho can now take his "List" antics, which are getting a babyface pop to begin with, and pull those antics on the heels.  I think the angle was done this way to keep Owens from being turned babyface and it was an excellently executed attack by Owens.  I would argue that the angle taking place where it did was a nice surprise and added some new interest to the story.

With it.just being a MCL tear and those sometimes being easier and quicker to come back from do you see Seth Rollins returning by Wrestlemania?

I have no doubt that Seth Rollins will want to go and would make a go of it, but it all depends on whether WWE allows him to be cleared or not.

With what happened at the Royal Rumble do you see a Smackdown vs. Raw match between Baron Corbin vs. Braun Strowman?

It's possible but I don't see that happening at Wrestlemania unless WWE wants to book some sort of non-finish. 

What are the odds TNA hires CM Punk?

Zero unless Punk decides he wants to wrestle again and if he does, I don't see him working for TNA.

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