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By Mike Johnson on 2017-02-13 13:16:00

A photo posted by Rosa Mendes (@wwerosamendes) on

WWE star Rosa Mendes announced her retirement today via an Instagram post, noting that she was officially announcing on the first birthday of her daughter. 

Mendes wrote, "Today is Jordan's first birthday and it's also the day that I am announcing my retirement from the WWE.  As I write these words I have tears in my eyes because of the love I have for my WWE family, and especially for the WWE universe. For the last 10 years, WWE was my life, my world and my family. I was Rosa Mendes. Now I am Milena Roucka, Jordan's mother, a soon to be wife and a hard working entrepreneur.  For years I have been fortunate to put smiles on people's faces worldwide, performed for hundreds of thousands of fans and lived off of the adrenaline from the WWE audience."

Mendes first became involved in WWE via their Diva Search in 2006. After her run there, she was signed to WWE developmental and made her main roster debut in 2008, including runs managing the team of Epico and Primo and Fandango.   She was featured in several seasons of "Total Divas" which documented her personal relationships, marriage and birth of her daughter.  She had not been active with the company since her daughter was born.

To read her entire announcement, click here.

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