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By Dave Scherer on 2017-02-14 10:00:00

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What is your take on both AJ Styles and Kevin Owens not being in the title pictures for mania?  Goldberg defeating Owens in 5 min, and then main eventing against Lesnar doesn't sound good at all.  Whether it's Cena vs Orton or Orton vs Bray we've seen both many times.  I feel for Styles who deserves to be defending the title at the big show.

I think AJ definitely deserves to be in the Title match at WrestleMania.  He has been the MVP of Smackdown all year and I think he should be in the brand’s most prominent match.  I love Owens the worker but hate how they have booked his character.  With that said, I would hate to see Goldberg vs. Lesnar being for the WWE Universal Title.  I don’t think it makes sense to have two part time guys fighting for their top Title.

Do you see the WWE going back to dual-branded PPVs after WrestleMania 33?

No, I don’t.  The brand extension has worked for them so far and they will continue it going forward, as they should.

Great work as always. Is there one specific event, whether societal or in the realms of wrestling, or perhaps a PPV that signaled the official end of the attitude era? Or did it just happen organically over time? I wasn't sure if 9/11 or the purchase of WCW was a beginning factor, or something else. Thanks

It was largely an "over time" kind of thing after they bought WCW and eliminated the competition.  Vince always has preferred the kid friendly product.  To me, the unofficial point where it flipped for good was when they cut off relations with the wrestling media after the WrestleMania in Toronto.

Don't you think it ruins the illusion of competition between Raw & SD to have each show promoting the other's upcoming events?

I won’t give them static for that since both companies are owned by WWE and thus they can make the statement that the company itself (Vince) is making the brands promote all of the shows.

So Goldberg for 2 months on social media and his RAW appearances explains to the audience that the only way to complete his comeback and have a title run is to win The Royal Rumble. He then does not win the Rumble and 8 days later comes out and gets a title shot by asking for it. Am I missing something here? Why on earth is that booking so lazy? I get they want Goldberg Lesnar to have the title involved, but why not just have Lesnar (after he was eliminated) unfairly eliminate Goldberg and ‘cost him the title shot’ and explain to the audience that Goldberg was screwed and gets the shot by default?

That is an excellent point.  Mike Epsenhart and I said the same thing on our show on Sunday.  I don’t know if lazy is the right word.  Sloppy comes to mind.  And uncreative.  It’s almost like Vince thought, “They expect me to do an angle between those two at the Rumble, so I won’t.”  If so, that is nuts.  To me, sometimes you do what is obvious because it makes sense and it’s in the best interest of the story.

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