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By Dave Scherer on 2017-02-13 10:00:00

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Why does WWE insist on marketing to kids?  It can't be just for advertising as there are just as many advertisers out there for a more adult product as there is for PG.

I wrote a long answer in yesterday’s Q and A but yes, it’s about marketing and advertising, for sure.  But it’s also because it’s the product that Vince McMahon likes to promote.  He’s the boss and gets to make that call.

Even though Tyler Bate won the UK tournament, when you look at how Pete Dunne was presented, his quality of matches, and even his little dust up with William Regal, Dunne was the biggest star to come out of tournament.  What do you think of Dunne's showing, and when will we see him pop up on regular NXT tV?

I think Dunne was awesome throughout the tournament.  He came across like a pro’s pro and will be a valuable asset to WWE once they start running the UK territory.  He is a guy that gets it and will help all of the talents from what I have seen.

We've recently seen Austin Aries do a great job on RAW and 205 Live. I had no idea that he would be so entertaining on the mic. Was this in the works before he got injured or was this a way to keep him busy and everybody is pleasantly surprised?

From what I have heard Aries is in that role due his broken orbital bone.  They put him on TV to keep him in the public eye and he has done a fantastic job in his commentary after a rough start on the first night.  I think the injury was a blessing in disguise because he has gotten to do a lot more to develop his character via announcing than he would have had he started out as a wrestler only.

Speaking of his injury, there has been no word on how the healing is going. I'm assuming he's doing great as he's now doing interviews in the ring. Are we on the verge of seeing him pound on an interview subject because he didn't like the answer? He has mentioned a few times in the past that he will be Cruiserweight Champion sooner than later.

An orbital bone is an injury that needs to be completely heeled when a guy takes shot to his face for a living.  I have heard that the heeling is going well but honestly, there is no need to rush him back to the ring now.  If it’s me, I save him for the right moment.

I know she’s out of the WWE and wrestling business altogether now, but would WWE induct Vickie Guerrero in the HOF? I know she was only in the business because Eddie died (although she was involved in a couple of angles before he died) and was only around for a few years but she was arguably the biggest heel in the company at one point and drew huge amounts of heat. Her farewell/retirement on RAW was a genuinely emotional moment and showed what respect and gratitude WWE had for Vickie by her get the best of Stephanie and letting Eddie’s music play. Your thoughts?

I think she was great in her role.  I would love to see Vickie get into the Hall Of Fame.  I think she deserves it.

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