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By Mike Johnson on 2017-02-11 10:00:00

At this point, does the WWE need Eva Marie? Does Eva Marie even need the WWE? Looks like she has roles in movies and other ventures that may limit her appearance on WWE programming. She's no Rock, Batista or even Cena from WWE films at this point, but it does seem her "All Red Everything" storyline before her suspension is now out of the window and done. Also, how is WWE allowing Eva to take all of these outside bookings if she is still under contract? Why would they let her if it was halting her obligations with WWE programming? And random related question. Did Eva have to approve dying her hair black since the red was a huge part of her gimmick and marketability? Did she get in trouble for it?

Marie is managed by the same firm that manages The Rock, so that probably allows for some stroke for her to do outside endeavors.  WWE has allowed talents to take film roles in the past, so it's not unusual that she's doing film roles.  Given that she was suspended and already off TV (as she never returned), it doesn't really matter that she was missing events.  It's not like her being there was going to make a difference in tickets or ratings.  As far as whether the two sides need each other anymore, that really boils down to whether she plans to return to wrestling.  She's played down her WWE connection on social media, although she is still under contract to the company.  It's a "time will tell" situation.

Maybe I missed it on the site, but what was the storyline plan for putting Randy Orton with the Wyatts initially? It seemed out of place from the start, with the idea that Orton was probably going to turn on Bray from their feud at the time. But it has stuck and now they are seemingly going into a program with each other through Wrestlemania. Was the plan all along to have them clash at Mania or did they just put them together for no reason and let the storyline ride?

The idea was to eventually split and feud them again, which appears to be coming ever closer to happening.

This is a subjective question, but who do you feel is the hardest working person in sports entertainment? I'd narrow it down to The Rock and John Cena, with The Rock as the clear winner based on his routine and commitments.

I think it depends on what you mean by working hard.  If you mean busiest, it's Cena and Rock.  If you mean inside the ring, it's hard to argue that it's anyone but AJ Styles.  Hell, one could make a case for Vince McMahon, since he's the guy who's controlling the industry 24/7.  Or Triple H, who's trying to build and launch new brands. 

 I read that WWE bought WCW for a few million dollars and it made me curious how much money that purchase has made them over the last 16 years.  I don't need all the figures like merchandise sales or ppv buys, just an overall number would be appreciated.  Keep up the good work!

It's impossible to know a hard number without getting a look at WWE's books but between using the WCW assets in storylines and releasing the content via DVD, the WWE Network and other licensing ventures, I am sure they made a nice profit on the purchase, just as they did with the purchase of ECW, World Class and AWA assets.

Why did Jerry Lawler return to WWE TV and then disappear again?

He only made the appearances they booked him for.  He's not back as a full-time performer for the company.

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