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By Mike Johnson on 2017-02-10 10:00:00


Where in the world is Rosa Mendes? Is she just sitting at home waiting for her WWE contract to expire? I don't even remember the last time her name popped up.

She is still under contract to WWE to the best of my knowledge and I would guess still on maternity leave after she and her husband had their first child.

On Raw, Samoa Joe was referred to as the "Samoan Submission Machine". This was his moniker in TNA. Does TNA or Joe own this or was it just never trademarked? Usually a promotion will change someone's moniker, so I assume that it is similar situation where a promotion owns a wrestler's name. 

Joe has been using that moniker since well before TNA.  His intellectual property.

In a related question, Samoa Joe was referred to as "The Destroyer". This of course is Bobby Lashley's moniker. Do you think this may be a jab at Lashley or TNA and isn't giving Joe the moniker when someone else currently uses it a slap in the face to Lashley?

It's just the nickname they gave him.  If TNA didn't copyright for use in pro wrestling, it's anyone's game, especially when it's such a common term, one that has been used in wrestling going back to the days of Dick Beyer.

Who booked the final WCW Monday Nitro broadcast? Was it WCW, WWF or both? And I can't remember, but was there an episode of Thunder after that same week?

WWF did.  There was no Thunder that week.

Back in the territorial days, it seems like wrestlers used the same moniker at the same time (Nature Boy, Cowboy, etc.). Was it because they worked different territories and that it didn't matter as much as to confuse a market? Was it frowned upon by other wrestlers or was there any animosity for having a similar moniker? 

No one cared what was going on in the other territories.  The average fan would never know.  The mindset of the promoters in that time period was "how can we make money this week?" and their goal was to make that happen.  Anything else was immaterial.  There may have been little spats between wrestlers, but I can't say that for sure.  I will ask Les Thatcher on the next edition of Wrestler's Eye Radio in the Elite section to discuss this.





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