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By Dave Scherer on 2017-02-07 10:02:00

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Why isn't the Smackdown tag team title match not in the Elimination Chamber?It would only make sense to me that if you are going to book a 6 team match at The Elimination Chamber PPV it would be inside the Chamber? 

For one thing, Chamber matches take a lot of time and two of them would be extremely time consuming for the show.  More importantly, the tag division has been on the back burner of late so to me it would seem really forced to just throw together a tag team match for the division.  The WWE Title has been pushed of late.  The Tag Titles have not been.

Forgetting Vince changing things on the fly all the time and the lack of logic, what do you think is the ideal time to book forward to i.e. should they book with rough plans goals 6 months ahead, or should it be done on a monthly/PPV basis. Thoughts?

If it’s me, I have a long range vision for the next year.  I have loose plans in place for six months, in case something doesn’t get over or someone gets hurt.  I have the next three months 90% booked out.  The constant changing shouldn’t happen in my opinion.

It is really disappointing that instead of having the Rumble elevate some newer talent, they fell back on using the older talent. Don't we all want to see Orton/Cena again?

It very well could end up that Cena loses next week.  There is a lot of talk that he will lose it to Bray Wyatt, setting up Wyatt vs. Orton at Mania.  If they do that to have Wyatt get elevated to a top guy by beating Orton, it could be interesting.  But yes, it does bother me that every year Vince seems to go back to the old names just to make the fans that tune in once a year happy.  If it’s me, I would use those older names to expose the fans to my great new talents, the ones that they didn’t see when they tuned out after last year’s Mania.

And isn't it awful the way they have treated AJ Styles?

It’s funny, the question before yours said this: 

“Still trying to understand the question (and your reply) in regards to the complaint over John Cena winning the WWE title versus AJ Styles.  Cena put Styles over three times, the last time completely clean.  Based upon reports, the title match was extremely competitive.  So it's not like Styles couldn't come back and win the title again.  Not a question per se, but I don't understand the rancor nor what I see as hate of John Cena.”

It points out how differently people can see things.  To the second person, there is no hate of John Cena at all.  You misinterpreted what was said.  The match was amazing and Cena was great.  The issue that both the first writer and I have is that AJ Styles has carried the Smackdown brand throughout the entire year and deserved to go into WrestleMania as the Champion. It’s not hate for Cena, it’s respect for AJ.  I

I know the majority of WWE promos are scripted but John Cena is someone who has leeway to change what he says.  How can he reconcile wearing a T-shirt with "respect" written on it with the way he has completely torn down AJ Styles in recent weeks?  He didn't give Styles much in the way of credit for beating him at SummerSlam and No Mercy, didn't care that he hadn't earned a WWE Title shot and had a good chuckle at the Today show hosts talking about some nameless "guy from Atlanta" who isn't anywhere near to being even on the level below him.

WWE would say that last week on Smackdown, where Cena gave AJ a bit of props, would be where he gave respect.  I didn’t like that “guy from Atlanta” stuff either, but they would say AJ is a heel so it’s OK to do it.

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