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By Dave Scherer on 2017-02-05 10:00:00

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Dave has said many times that at the Royal Rumble Roman Reigns was sent out at number 30 so the fans would be happy when Randy Orton won. He may be right but what bugs me about this is Randy Orton is a heel. Wouldn’t WWE want the fans to boo when Orton won?

I don’t think Orton has been a full on heel yet, more of a tweener.  No matter what the case, WWE isn’t in the business of having their PPVs go off the air with loud booing.  The Rumble is about setting up a Title match for WrestleMania.

I was curious about the Trump relationship with the WWE whenever I seen the recent Q&A. Obviously there will be some backlash from the fans, but to further the conversation; what does this mean for the relationship between WWE and NBCUniversal? Since, NBCUniversal make up a pretty good chunk of WWE's coverage in the United States. One would say the WWE would be safe since they have consistent decent to good ratings for USA. However, Trump's show, "The Apprentice" had decent ratings as well, but he was still fired. Sure, the WWE has their network and wouldn't have an issue securing a new tv deal, but if they did; could you see Comcast (parent of NBCUniversal) strong-arming networks and threatening to black-out the network that picks up WWE programming? This is a big IF, but given NBCUniversal's relationship, personal and professional, with Trump- I could see something like this playing out come time for renegotiations.

I don’t see it being any issue.  Trump himself is still an Executive Producer for the Celebrity Apprentice.  Beyond that, I don’t see them equating WWE with the President.

I can't help but draw a comparison to Romans Reigns' ongoing issues with the boo-bird fans, but to me it seems very similar to when fans turned on Nigel McGuinness when he was ROH World Champion.  I attended many ROH shows in the NY/NJ area during his run, and I remember the crowds having no patience for Nigel throwing clotheslines at will, which led to the chants of "McLariat".  I don't buy the argument that Reigns is being shoved down our throat.  He still does lose his fair share of matches, recently dropped the U.S. Title, and didn't take advantage of drawing #30 in the Royal Rumble.  At this point, is it fair to say the boo-birds real issue with Reigns is his over-reliance on the Superman Punch?

I don’t see those things as being close.  Most people I have heard from say they are sending a message to Vince McMahon that they don’t want a Superman character pushed down their throats.  I think that is the reason in most cases.

I'm sure you have heard of F***, Marry, Kill right? Well here I have the wrestling equivalent Jobber, Main Eventer, Release, and see which wrestler goes where if you were booking them. So here are your choices Fake Kane, Fake Diesel, and Fake Undertaker which do you have as a jobber, a main eventer, and who do you release? Mine are Fake Kane as a jobber, Fake Diesel as a main eventer and I would release Fake Undertaker.

I will take Colonel Mustard, in the Conservatory, with the knife.  Seriously, all three of those characters are duds.  None of them would get a main event spot from me.

Elite subscriber since the beginning. Love the site and listening to you guys every chance I get.  I keep seeing people asking about why WWE creative has the heels such as Kevin Owens, The Miz, so on and so forth act like cowards when confronted by the faces. They cannot win unless they have help or cheat. As someone who works with kids between the ages of 12 and 16, WWE's target audience I believe I may have an answer that may help explain why.  One of the biggest things that kids this age deal with is bullying. Between getting bullied in the halls, locker rooms, and online with the new cyberbullying that the kids are doing, every child in school will experience bullying in some way. Now understanding that, as an adult we are teaching our children two ways to face this issue. The new line of thinking is for the kids to tell an adult so that the issue can be addressed. The other way is to stand up to a bully because when you do a bully will usually back down because Bullies are cowards.  Recognizing this could it be that WWE is modeling this behavior for kids? Kevin Owen's runs his mouth about Roman Reigns tearing him down "behind his back" or jumps him from behind;However the moment Reigns stands up for himself, Owens tucks tail and runs away or has to go get a friend to help him. Could this cowardly booking just be WWE telling and showing the 12-16 year old kids they target to "Stand up for yourself", "bullies are cowards that run away or back down when you stand up to them"? All of the rhetoric that schools have been teaching up until recently.  I know I may be giving WWE and its creative way more credit then they deserve. I also know that they book Stephanie and Triple H to be "Bullies" who don’t get what is coming to them or who aren't cowards. Something I find amusing each time I see them run a package on how Stephanie and Hunter are telling kids to stand up to bullies.  Just asking for your thoughts...

That is a very interesting theory and it makes a lot of sense.  Given that the target audience is younger people (sorry Roman Reigns haters), that is a viable thing to consider.  I am with you, I don’t know if WWE is thinking that way but if they are, it would make sense.  I tend to think that they are not, but again it was an interesting idea.

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