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By Mike Johnson on 2017-02-04 10:00:00

I love Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins. Loved Mondays angle. My question is– Tyson Kidd suffered a career threatening injury in a dark match at RAW (or Smackdown?) with Joe. From all accounts, a freak accident. Not anyones fault. Then Joe debuts on RAW and Seth Rollins is injured in a segment with Joe. Presumably when Rollins awkwardly twisted around while falling down in in Joe’s sleeper. Again, accident, not anyone’s fault. That said, do you expect any blow back on Joe for being “dangerous” (ironically, the same thing Rollins was accused of months ago) or do you think this will just be looked at as a bad case of bad luck and sad irony?

I think it will looked at as a case of bad luck and sad irony.  If WWE blamed Joe for the Tyson Kidd injury, they would have never allowed Joe to use the muscle buster again, and he has regularly in NXT. The Rollins injury was obviously just a freak thing.  It's just that Joe happened to be the person he was in the ring with.  If there was heat on him, they certainly wouldn't be having Joe boast and take credit for the injury.

Any chance of Mickie James on Total Divas?

It's always possible but we haven't heard of her filming any material for the reality show at this time.

If Kevin Kelly has left ROH, who will call their shows?

Last night in San Antonio, Ian Riccaboni and Silas Young called the show.  It's possible they will rotate depending on the show or even have Kelly come back in between New Japan gigs on a per date basis.  Nothing has been settled.

How can talents who obviously will be at Wrestlemania appear at Wrestlecon?

Their WWE deals allow it to happen.

Any chance Joey Styles will get hired by ROH?

They would have to work around his full-time job schedule and bring him from Connecticut to Maryland to do voiceovers.  I haven't heard anything in that regard but if he wanted to do it and they wanted to pay him, it could always happen.

I saw next week is the season finale of Legends of Extreme?  What next? 

Next week is the finale on the Highspots Wrestling Network.  After that, it's up to them to renew the series.  There's been talk of filming a second season in April, but nothing official yet.  I had a great time producing and hosting the show, but it's up to them.

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