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By Mike Johnson on 2017-02-03 10:30:00

Since we have gotten some emails about a few TNA related topics, here is the latest:

*As of this writing, the company has not locked in Matt and Jeff Hardy to new deals.

*Drew Galloway has also yet to sign a new deal.

*Dixie Carter has moved out of the TNA offices in Nashville, TN and is not involved in any TNA decision-making.  Her husband, Serg Salinas, is also no longer with the company.  He lists on his LinkedIn Profile that in January, he left the company to work as General Manager of Trifecta Entertainment and Tex-Ville Tunes Music Publishing in Nashville, TN.  Trifecta Entertainment was the company Dixie Carter owned and ran before TNA.

*Jeff Jarrett is believed to be coming on board as the new Executive Producer, replacing John "Big" Gaburick, but we have heard differing accounts of whether Jarrett's deal is done.  Jarrett is still moving forward with GFW so it's possible he will try and bridge the two entities together going forward.  I wouldn't be shocked to see the GFW TV that was filmed in Las Vegas eventually end up on Fight Network, but that's only my gut feeling.

*The latest word is John Gaburick is not leaving the company as we have heard he has restructured his deal to remain.

*There have been no major office departures and thus far, no real talk of moving the company to Toronto (yet).

*Dutch Mantel is officially on Creative, joining Matt Conway, Gaburick and Madison Rayne.

*Don West is, thus far, only back to help liquidate the TNA warehouse.  We are told there was a ton of merchandise that needed to be sold off so the company is working towards that end.  Bringing back West was a Jarrett idea.

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