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By Mike Johnson on 2017-02-03 10:00:00

I saw that you reported that Kevin Kelly was gone from Ring of Honor?  Who's going to be the new announcer? 

We did report Kelly is gone from Ring of Honor.  There is no word who the new announcer would be.  It's possible ROH will book Kelly to work certain dates and come in to do voice-overs after tapings, but if that will be the case, it hasn't happened yet to the best of my knowledge.  Ian Riccaboni, who's done a good job on the Women of Honor material could also be a likely choice.  If they don't bring Kelly back, there are other names out there, including Joey Styles, who could do a good job.  ROH tapes TV in advance so they have time to make a decision.

Big Show vs Shaq... Something that would've been a lot cooler when they teased it back in 2009. I can't help but feel that mainstream/sports media will hardly care about it at this point as much as they did over Lawrence Taylor, Mike Tyson or Mayweather. Do you think they should have the two perhaps team together for a match instead? Granted they'd squash a team but with Show being just about done and Shaq likely not losing, I feel like it would be the best of both worlds.

Well, WWE could always change their plans and have them team.  It's a match that's being done to get attention for the Orlando market and to reach out beyond the sphere of pro wrestling fans.  As far as Show being done, he's probably in the best shape since the mid-1990s so I wouldn't count him out yet.   It would appear he is working extremely hard to make sure that he can do the best job possible for Wrestlemania.

Seriously, where is Kane?

Not on the road but still under contract to WWE.  If there is an injury, we haven't heard about it.

How can Lio Rush be working for CZW in April on the same day ROH is running Supercard of Honor?

Rush's ROH deal is up in March, so my guess is that's a sign he's going to be independent come April.

Has TNA signed Don West to return to announcing?

No.  West is only involved doing video to help liquidate merchandise - at least for now.

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