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By Mike Johnson on 2017-02-02 10:00:00

I read Mike Johnson's article regarding if Seth Rollins vs HHH is off the table then WWE should call CM Punk.  It was a great fun idea but I don't really seeing that happening.  However, I wanted to ask, does HHH really need to even compete at WrestleMania?  Don't get me wrong I was a fan of his and think he puts on great matches but it's not like if The Undertaker missed a WrestleMania. I don't think HHH needs an opponent. If anything if Seth Rollins didn't get injured I would rather see him vs Samoa Joe with HHH in Joe's corner.  

First, thanks for reading the article.  To be honest, I don't see WWE calling Punk either, but I thought it was an interesting piece of conjecture to discuss.  Honestly, from my vantage point, I don't think Triple H needs to work Wrestlemania, but I can see from WWE wanting him to be in a major match because he's a huge star in their eyes and it's the biggest show of the year.  So, rather than assume they will go with HHH vs. Shane McMahon for example, I wrote a piece about something that I thought could grab the most attention with the short time period they had to heat up a story. 

I have several questions about the Hardys' quest for gold. But to try and keep it simple, I ask the broad question of what does this all mean for everyone involved? As in, how is everyone benefiting (The Hardys, TNA, the other promotions)? Is it hurting anyone? How long has TNA or The Hardys planned for this since Matt declared he wants more gold, and were the promotions in on it beforehand? How do the wrestlers feel about dropping titles to wrestlers not affiliated with their promotion? Do you think TNA will promote these promotions on their broadcast somehow as a return favor?

It's a story that continues expanding the Hardys' "Broken" universe.  For TNA, they get relatively cheaply produced material that can help fill their TV show and give that show something different to break it out of the monotany of always being in the Impact Zone with the same look, shots, etc.  For the promotions, they get exposure and plugs on TNA television, which hopefully trickles back to a few more fans coming to see their groups, which really are Mom and Pop shops living and dying by whatever dollars come in.  I don't think you are going to find any talents upset because they are booked to be wrestling Matt and Jeff Hardy.

I noticed Chris Jericho still has a merchandise but people like AJ Styles had to get theirs removed.  Does Jericho have a special contract?

WWE has allowed Jericho to maintain his outside projects, so I would assume that he has permission.  He's been with the company long enough and is a locker room leader there, so that distinction has been earned - or when he last returned to the company, he made it clear he wasn't shutting any outside endeavors down and the company agreed to those terms.

I can take kicking out of a finisher on occasion, but multiple times each match?? The Cena/AJ match was good, but how many times should they kick out of finishers??

That's a subjective thing.  My feeling is usually less is more unless it's a major match (which this was) but I guess the real answer is that you can do it until the crowd loses interest, which means you've done too much.  I don't think you can say that about Cena vs. AJ at the Rumble.

I know that I’m in the vast majority, but the Undertaker was a huge drag on the Royal Rumble match.  His entrance is still awesome, but he moves like he’s a broken down old man.  He throws out Strowman and we complain about Cena killing guys pushes.  Why wouldn’t he put over strawman?  I think its time for him to retire and it should happen this year in Texas.

He was there to start the story with Roman Reigns, that's why.  He's a legend so it's OK for him to have tossed Strowman.  Strowman got over by eliminating so many other giants and men in the match.  His portion of the story was complete.....when he was eliminated by BARON CORBIN.


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