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By Dave Scherer on 2017-01-30 10:00:00

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I know that Raw & Smackdown are scripted, and the promos are not written by the wrestlers, except in a few cases.  So my question is, I presume that someone like John Cena writes his own promos, but didn't always. If the promos are written for the wrestlers by the writers, at what point do they allow the wrestler to write his own promo? Do they just give him bullet points at that stage, or can he just go off as he wants to. Do they then have to submit their promos to Vince?

For the most part, creative writes the promos and in the case of top guys they have say in the verbiage and the ability to ad-lib once they get out in the ring.  The Rock is probably 

So is Bliss/James the SD version of Owens/Jericho?

God, I hope not.  As entertaining as the interplay between Jericho and Owens has been, having the Champion doing comedy and making himself look like he needs help to win is not good booking in my book.  Alexa Bliss is awesome, one of the best things on the show.  She has done a great job of being a bad ass heel.  I don’t want them to add comedy to it.  I would like for them to be bad ass, mean heels instead.

With all the concern with Kurt Angle taking bumps at his age, addiction history and injury history, why did the other independents book him in matches? I get that WWE is the WWE but don't you think they could book him with someone safe and know about his previous problems?  Plus hasn't Kurt said he has beat his demons and still wrestles?  I'm not saying he should go full time but a Brock Lesnar type run shouldn't be too much since Kurt is basically a part timer already. Your thoughts?

They could, sure.  The difference here, to me, is similar to Jerry Lawler after he had a heart attack.  Sure, he can work on indies.  That is his call.  But if he works for WWE, they are a publicly traded company and they would have made a choice to use him given his age, neck issues and substance problems.  It’s not a slam dunk either way but if they decide to never use him in the ring, that is fine by me.

Why it’s so easy to throw someone over the top rope during the regular season and so hard to eliminate someone in the Royal Rumble?

Because wrestling is a show and not a sport!  From a storyline perspective they could make the case that in the Rumble, the participants are expecting to be thrown over the top rope while in a regular match they aren’t, thus they are more prepared for it in the Rumble.

In recent memory, I don’t recall a Championship match that doesn’t involve the two wrestlers fighting outside the ring, even in a cage match. Since when fighting outside the ring become so frequent? Why a championship match cannot be held inside the ring for the entire bout?

I guess we could start with your recent memory.  I don’t track things like that but honestly I don’t have a problem with it either.  Wrestling is a show, not a sport.  I like the leeway that the talents have to do more than just work a match that looks like real sport so it’s not a problem for me.  I get your point and all, it’s and old school view and I respect it.  I just see it as the business has changed and that is one of the changes.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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