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By Jim Globe on 2017-01-28 15:41:00

The show opened with John Morrison issuing an open challenge.  Like the opening of a WWE show, out came Rey Mysterio, Moose, Drew Galloway, Magnus, PJ Black (Justin Gabriel) Carlito and Chris Masters to set up the tournament.  So weird as guys under contract to TNA and Lucha Underground are on the same live TV special here.

*Greg Lambert and Joe Hendry are the announcers.

*John Morrison pinned Moose after hooking the tights.  Nice brawl outside early on including Morrison being swung into barricades.

*Rey Mysterio pinned Nick Aldis (Magnus) with 619 and top rope frog splash.  Magnus attacked him after and hurt Rey's knee.  Rey did a an interview after saying he has fought the odds his entire life and this will be no different and he will win the tournament.

*Carlito pinned PJ Black with a Backstabber.

*Drew Galloway defeated Chris Masters with the Futureshock DDT.  Best match on the broadcast thus far.

*Rey Mysterio, now wearing a knee brace, pinned Carlito with a Code Red.  Rey was attacked again after the match. 

*John Morrison pinned Drew Galloway.  Good match.  You could tell they were working hard.

*John Morrison pinned Rey Mysterio to win the tournament.  They screwed up by playing his music before the end, giving it completely away.

They announced a 128 MAN TOURNAMENT to close the show.  Not a typo lads.

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