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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-27 12:36:00

Philadelphia's 2300 Arena, formerly known as ECW Arena, announced they have signed deals with Ring of Honor and House of Hardcore to be the only promotions to host pro wrestling events in the venue.

The 2300 Arena announced the following:

The 2300 Arena, located at 2300 S. Swanson St. in Philadelphia PA, has long been known as the premier destination for live events throughout the region. 

With its rich history, the Arena has been host to Professional Wrestling, Boxing,  MMA, Concerts, & events that has seen fans travel from all around the globe to attend. 

The 2300 Arena continues its incredible renovation and transformation into a modern all inclusive destination providing attendees everything they need to enhance their entertainment experience. 

Professional Wrestling has become synonymous with the 2300 Arena providing a partnership that brought the initial spotlight to the South Philly Location. 

Today is no different as it is with pleasure and excitement that the 2300 Arena along with House of Hardcore & Ring of Honor announce an exclusive partnership to bring the entertainment fans expect and crave to the building for years to come.

The building that once gave birth to a revolution in the sport now will be the exclusive home of the two top organizations in the world.

With the announcement of the 2300 Arena being the exclusive home for House of Hardcore & Ring of Honor Tommy Dreamer released a statement earlier today saying, "I very much look forward to continuing to deliver what the fans of Philadelphia have come to expect from House of Hardcore and am excited on what the future of this agreement will bring."

Joe Koff, COO of Ring of Honor, has stated “The 2300 Arena is one of the most storied and historic wrestling venues in the country. And the Philly Fans, of course, are among the most passionate.   We look forward to big ROH events there in 2017 and beyond.”

“We are very fortunate to have the greatest fans on the planet attend our events, providing them with both of these premier wrestling companies will take us to the next level in sports entertainment.” says 2300 Arena CEO, Roger Artigiani.

Look for more exciting announcements in the weeks and months to come as the 2300 Arena once again makes history and continues to be known as the home of the most exciting, cutting edge, and innovated professional wrestling in the world!

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