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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-22 15:57:00

Some notable news from the CRASH promotion's event last night in Mexico:

*Matt and Jeff Hardy captured the promotion's Tag Team championships, the first in their ongoing series of matches outside of TNA to capture gold.  TNA's Jeremy Borash was filming from ringside.  Material for this will pop up on TNA programming.

*AAA talents Pentagon Jr, Garza Jr. and Daga all announced they were going independent, which is pretty much the same as leaving the company.  CRASH is booked by Konnan, who had his own falling out with AAA previously.

*Where this leaves Pentagon Jr., the biggest name of the three, with Lucha Underground remains to be seen.    He'll be using the name Penta el 0M.   On Facebook, the former Pentagon wrote, "Hello to everyone because as you know today, I belong to the company aaa and I become a fully independent wrestler. And to clarify my new name is  Penta 0 M!!!! and on the faction of dogs of evil we're just awaiting the Acceptance of the person in charge of the mark if he wants to continue to belong to this faction or stays in aaa that I confirm.  After these days I'll do a live to clear all your doubts while I know i count on your support at this stage of my career thanks!! Remember Penta 0 M"

*This may or may not have any bearing on this, but just a few days ago, it was announced that AAA's Dorian Rodan was not in charge of LU's parent company, General Manager of Lucha Libre FMV.  We are told that the change has no bearing on the series, as that would still be controlled by MGM Television Group.

Thanks to Paul Jordan.

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