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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-19 18:25:00

Earlier today, reported that talents who signed WWE contracts to take part in the WWE UK Championship tournament (and beyond) would not be allowed to appear on iPPVs that would be appearing on competing streaming services.

Over the course of the day, several promotions announced that WWE-contracted talents would be pulled from their events airing on the Flosports subscription streaming platform.

IPW: UK announced that Pete Dunne and Joseph Conners have been pulled from this Sunday's event with Dunne moved to a dark match and Conners being removed from the main event:

The Lucha Forever event, also scheduled for this Sunday, will see Pete Dunne pulled from a four way ladder match that was set to headline the show, again appearing instead in a dark match:


As I noted earlier today, there will be a lot of ripple effects to all the moves in the UK scene when it comes to WWE's involvement.  This is just the start of that.

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