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By Stuart Carapola on 2017-01-12 22:02:00

Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on!

We see a recap of last week's main event and the return of Davey Richards, then Josh and Pope send us to the BROKEN Hardys, who say that the Wolves are back and to fulfill their mandate of becoming the greatest team in all of space and time, they must DELETE the Wolves!

Ethan Carter III comes out with a chair in hand to air his grievances.  He sits at ringside next to the fans and says all he wanted was a clean shot at the TNA World Title, but he got screwed out of that two nights in a row because of Davey Richards.  EC3 says it doesn't take Wikileaks to see the Wolves colluding to keep him away from the title, and he's coming for them like Liam Neeson in the Grey, and he wants them to come out to the ring to finish this.  Instead, EC3 gets Bobby Lashley, who asks him how it feels to get interrupted for a change.  He says the difference between them is he'll do whatever it takes to win and EC3 won't.  He handed EC3 a chair, but he didn't take it and he could've been the TNA World Champion right now, but he let his pride get in the way.  But they both got screwed by Davey Ricahrds, and they both want the World Title, so he proposes a solution.  Tonight, he wants to face EC3 in a Last Man Standing match for a shot at the TNA World Title.  EC3 isn't sure Lashley has the authority to make that match, so he asks the Anthem owl what he thinks.  Lashley says he's done playing around and wants an answer from EC3, so EC3 says he doesn't want that match later tonight, he wants it RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW!  EC3 goes to the floor and starts trading swings with Lashley.  Security comes out to pull them apart as we go to commercial.

Okay, we're back, and it's official!  We open tonight's show with...

Last Man Standing Match: Bobby Lashley vs Ethan Carter III

EC3 punches a chair into Lashley's face and then runs amok unloading on Lashl;ey and popping him over with an exploder suplex before knocking him to the floor with a missile dropkick. Lashley turns things around on the floor and whips EC3 into the barricade, then powerslams him on the concrete.  The referee starts counting, EC3 beats the count, and it's not long before he is back in control and hits a snap suplex on the floor, then sets up a table at ringside as we go to commercial.

We're back, and EC3 runs Lashley over with a series of clotheslines, hits a Stinger Splash, and flapjacks Lashley onto the mat.  Lashley misses a corner spear and hits the post, and EC3 turns Lashley inside out with a release German suplex.  Another Stinger splash and then EC3 puts Lashley on the top rope, and plants him in the mat with a superplex.  Lashley tears into EC3 with a spear, but EC3 beats the count.  Lashley with another spear, but EC3 beats the count again, so Lashley gets another  table out from under the ring, sets it in the corner, plants EC3 with a spinebuster, but misses a third spear.  EC3 hits the 1% on Lashley and then spears him through the table, and both men are out.  They both barely beat the count, but Lashley is out on his feet.  EC3 has a chair and takes a wild swing on the floor, Lashley ducks, but EC3 catches him on the next half dozen chairshots.  They both get to the apron, but both fall off the apron and through the tables EC3 set up at ringside earlier.  Lashley barely beats the count, EC3 barely misses doing so.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Hell of a match, and Lashley is your new #1 contender.  A despondent EC3 has to be helped to the back as Lashley celebrates in the ring,

Someone is backstage playing with a bunch of rings, and the Wolves challenge for the tag title later on tonight!

Oh man, Race For The Case is back next week.  Meanwhile, Eli Drake gets Tyrus to capture a stagehand, hold him hostage, and have him read a statement from Eli Drake that the fans don't deserve for him to say DUMMY...YEAH! so he's taking that away, and statements will be made without microphones.  He's in Race For The Case, and he's not sorry, the fans did this to themselves (Eli makes him say it two more times for emphasis).  Then Eli beats the crap out of the crew guy while Tyrus holds management back.

Spud is in the ring in a sailor suit and introduces a man so gracious his name must be sung instead of spoken, Aron Rex, who has new entrance music and is wearing a fur coat.  He had an epiphany: everyone has paid good money to watch him for years, but nobody has ever paid to see him compete in the ring, wrestle, to engage in barbaric and violent conduct.  People just pay to see him, so this is what they're gonna get from now on.  He's gotta lose the jacket because it's hotter than Mariah Carey on New Year's Eve.  Robbie E comes out to interrupt, and wants to know what the hell we're looking at right now,  Robbie points out that Spud lost to a two year old baby and to Swoggle, and he also quit this place last week, but it's a new era for Impact Wrestling.  Robbie gets in the ring and says Rex is the same old jackass and attacks him, but winds up on the short end of a 2-on-1 beatdown.  Rex puts on his rings (wait, it was HIM backstage before!" and knocks Robbie out with them.  Rex says that he told us violence isn't the answer.

The DCC is backstage, James Storm says 2017 is a new beginning, but we can't forget what happened in 2016.  Bram says that Decay left him for dead, and that's why he joined the DCC: to get revenge.  Eddie Kingston takes his mask off and says he has 15 years of memories paying dues and office people telling him he's too street and doesn't play the game, but Storm knew he belonged in the DCC.  Storm says they don't look or talk the right way, and they're the DCC.  The devil whispered in his ear that he can't handle the storm, and he told the devil that he IS the Storm.  They are the Death Crew Council.

Maria finds Allie backstage and orders her to stand up.  Is Allie even still working for her?  Maria gave her a list of stuff to do and says she's not a wrestler and never will be, but since Allie can't get it through her head, she'll get her husband to end this stupid thing with Braxton Sutter and leave him in a body cast.  MAria makes sure that's clear with Allie, then makes her carry her fur and tells her to get out of her face.

Decay vs The DCC

It's Bram and Kingston in this match, and they go right at it in a wild brawl that quickly spills out of the ring.  Bram hits a leg lariat on Abyss as Kingston works Steve over on the floor, then they switch places and Kingston plants Steve in the ring while Bram and Abyss go out to the floor.  Steve hits a charging forearm but gets double teamed once Bram gets back in the ring, and Steve gets caught in the wrong part of town.  Steve eats a beating for a few minutes and tags out to Abyss, who cleans house on both men.  The DCC scurries out to the floor, but Steve takes them both out with a dive while Abyss goes after Storm, and the ref call for the bell.


The brawl continues on the floor and the DCC gets the better of the exchange until Steve backdrops Kingston on the ramp.  They brawl to the back.

The Wolves backstage, and Eddie is ecstatic that their first match back is for the TNA World Tag Team Title.  Davey says he wants to apologize for last week because he's been at home and it's been frustrating to see everything Eddie's accomplished while he's been home, and he just feels a little naked without any gold.  Eddie says let's change that and win the tag title.

A three-time Knockouts Champion is back after this commercial break!

Hey, Brooke Tessmacher is back!  She tells Mackenzie that she took some time off to take a brak and have a kid, but it's time to get back to her career, because she misses the rush of coming out to the ring, and she's back as a full-time member of the roster.  She wants the Knockouts Title, and Mackenzie welcomes her back to TNA.

Mike Bennett vs Braxton Sutter

Quick start and Sutter gets a flurry of offense and a snap powerslam for 2.  Bennett takes the advantage and hits his finish, but doesn't go for the finish.  Allie comes down to ringside to distract Maria and Bennett and Sutter gets a jackknife rollup for the win.

Winner: Braxton Sutter

Biggest win of Sutter's career in TNA so far, and a great continuation of the Sutter/Allie storyline.

The Bennets are backstage and are sick of Allie and Sutter, and Maria says she knows what to do and Mike will love it.  She walks off and Mike shouts after her to tell him what it is.

Rosemary comes to the ring to say that Gail Kim and Jade were only the first, and the Decay spreads by the day like a virus, and every little Knockout here will feel the darkness, taste the darkness, and BECOME the darkness.  Jade comes out to interrupt, and she says that she's still here, and if it weren't for the mist, she wouldn't be Knockouts Champion.  Jade isn't leaving the ring until she gets her rematch, and Rosemary tells "Blue" that she hoped a little life remained in her carcass, because she enjoys making her suffer, and if she wants to go to Hell and back, who is she to deny such a death wish?  But first, Jade will have to accept her invitation to A MONSTER'S BALL!  Jade tells Rosemary she's one sick and twisted individual...but so is she, and she hasn't seen it yet...but she will at the Monster's Ball.  Red vs Blue, Jade tells Rosemary to prepare for war, you DEMON BITCH!  Rosemary tries to suckerpunch Jade, Jade sees her coming, and she unloads on Rosemary.  Rosemary heads for the hills with her title belt and yells at Jade as she heads to the back.


TNA World Tag Team Title Match: The BROKEN Hardys vs The Wolves

Matt and Eddie start us off, wrestle to a stalemate, then Jeff and Davey come in, and then all heck breaks loose and the Hardys hit Poetry In Motion on Eddie as we go to commercial.

Okay, we're back and Eddie is in a bad way as he's on the receiving end of double teaming from the BROKEN Hardys.  Eddie takes them both out with a double clothesline and tags Davey in, and Davey cleans house on both Hardys.  Davey gets Matt in a figure four while catching Jeff in an anklelock, but the Hardys both make the ropes to force the break.  Now Matt is in the wrong part of town and winds up getting tagged in and out on by the Wolves.  Matt catches Davey with a Side Effect and makes the tag as Eddie tags in, and Jeff gets the better of the exchange, hitting all his trademark stuff.  Jeff takes out both Wolves with the Whisper In The Wind, Matt goes for a Twist of Fate, but Eddie blocks andsends Matt crashing into Jeff.  Eddie goes for a superplex, Jeff fights him off and goes for a Swanton, Eddie gets the knees up, and the Wolves hit Chasing the Dragon for 2.  Matt is in, Matt gets dumped out to the floor, the Wolves go for their finish, but Jeff backdrops Eddie, so Davey slams him and goes to the top, Jeff dodges the double stomp, Matt hits Davey with the Twist of Fate, Jeff hits the Swanton and covers, but Eddie breaks it up at 2.  Eddie fights both Hardys off, dumps Matt to the floor, Wolves hit Jeff with the pop-up Alarm Clock, Matt blocks the superkick/German suplex, and Jeff rolls Davey up for the win.

Winners: The BROKEN Hardys

Davey is PISSED, kicking the ropes and walking away from Eddie when he tries to talk to him.  And that's it, show fades to black.

Thanks for reading the Impact Wrestling Report here on!  I'll be back on Sunday to discuss Impact and more with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

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