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By Andrew Twiss on 2017-01-11 22:15:00

Here are full TNA Impact Spoilers from the 1/11/17 taping.


Air Date: February (no specific dates announced)

- Xplosion: Caleb Konley def. Kongo Kong


- Jessie Goderz def. Kingston.

Post match: DCC comes in, but Goderz has already left the ring.

- Main Event: Lashley def. Eddie Edwards to retain the TNA World Championship. Angelina Love and Alisha are ringside. Davey Richards pulls the ref out. Lashley uses the distraction and hits the spear to win. 

Post match: Angelina Love attacks Alisha. Love throws her in the ring. Richards and Love lay them out.

(Note: This was announced as the main event, but likely aired early and out of order)

- The Hardys come out and Matt explains that they are on an Expedition of Gold. Vanguard 1 is revealed to have been upgraded and now has the power of teleportation . They are on a quest to claim all the gold until The 7 Deities name them the greatest team in space and time. They'll go to promotion after promotion to procure titles, including the Honorable Ring . Fave the Bucks of Youth, and even Meek Mahan's promotions.. They touch Vanguard 1, the lights go out and they teleport away.

- Impact Grand Championship: Drew Galloway (c) def. Mahabali Shera 

- Fact of Life, hosted by Tyrus. Eli Drake, in a sling, is the guest. Tyrus says Eli wasn't there for him against DCC and had a mangina. Eli says Tyrus never asked Eli about fighting DCC and that Tyrus is paid help and should always walk behind him. Eli discusses them not usi g their case for title opportunity, although Drake is satisfied using a baseball bat to run EC3 out of TNA. Tyrus grabs him by the throat and says he'll beat him next week.

- X Division Championship: Trevor Lee (c) def. DJ Z. 

Post match: DJ Z attacks Gregory Helms, but is laid out by Trevor Lee. Andrew Everett makes the save.

- Cody and Brandi Rhodes come out. Cody congratulates Brandi on chasing her dream. She says she's following in his footsteps. Cody wants to thank Moose. Moose says Brandi had his number and was happy to help. Cody got jealous and kicked him in the balls. Brandi gets angry at Cody as they leave.

- Jessie Goderz def. Bram (w/Kingston)

- Jade calls out Rosemary and wants the Knockouts division back. Jade wants one more shot. Rosemary says there's an entire Knockouts division waiting for Decay. Jade says she's still standing and wants one more shot. Jade wants a Last Knockout Standing match. Rosemary accepts. 

- Tyrus def. Eli Drake DQ when Eli hits Earl Hebner. Not much of an actual match, as Eli tries to convince Tyrus to lay down. Tyrus keeps threatening Eli Drake but Eli offers him a raise. Eli hits Earl Hebner for the DQ. After a tense moment, Tyrus and Eli Drake celebrate together.

- Dark Segment: Allie invites us to the wedding of Laurel Van Ness and Braxton Sutter tomorrow. Laurel comes out and says everyone needs to dress nice and bring expensive presents. 

- Moose vs. Cody never starts. Moose calls Cody a b***h. Cody attacks from the crowd. Security tires to break them up, but fails. Several wrestlers come out to keep the peace. Brandi tries to get Cody to stop. Cody strikes Josh Mathews and the Pope stands up. Moose dives onto the gathered wrestlers and security. 

- TNA X Division Championship: Trevor Lee (c) (w/Gregory Shane Helms) def. Andrew Everett 

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