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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-11 01:50:00

TNA Impact Wrestling taped another round of material for future editions of Impact Wrestling on 1/10 at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  The following results are culled from the Twitter account of Jacob Cohen.  We thank him for the results.

*Marshe Rockett defeats the returning Samuel Shaw for Xplosion.

*Broken Hardys out, they are using a teleportation mechanism, they must win every tag title ever.  They will defeat The Bucks of Youth, The Day That Is New, and The Family of Wyatts.  Jeff Hardy challenges TNA champion Bobby Lashley for Open Fight Night.  Lashley comes out and accepts the challenge.

*TNA champion Bobby Lashley defeated Jeff Hardy.  Eddie Edwards comes out and challenges Lashley to a rematch.  Lashley says Edwards will get one rematch and if he doesn't win, to the back of the line he goes.  ddie Edwards now calls Lashley "Triple B" which stands for B**ch Boy Bobby.

*TNA Grand champion Drew Galloway comes out and says he will make the Grand championship more important than the TNA title.  He claims that befoe him, the belt didn't really exist and the former champions don't count.  Out comes Moose.  Moose says that the last 2 times they wrestled, Galloway kicked him in the nuts to win, tonight he's going to kick his ass.  Galloway says that no one wants to see them wrestle again, so he will face Rob Ryzin.

*TNA Grand champion pinned Rob Ryzin in the first round to retain the Grand Championship.

*Eli Drake is out with Tyrus.  He is doing a gimmick where Tyrus speaks for him so the crowd doesn't get to hear Drake's voice.  They call out EC3, who is in street clothes.  This lead to Drake attacking EC3, setting up...

*EC3 pinned Eli Drake.  Drake attacks EC3 with a bat.  The lights go out and when they return, The DCC are in the ring and they assist in beating down EC3.  The DCC then attack Drake and Tyrus.

*Brandi Rhodes called out Rosemary.  Decay surrounds Brandi and they put her in a guillotine. Moose made the save.

*Aron Rex defeated Robbie E.

*There is a segment where Andrew Everett breaks off from the Helms Dynasty and is left laying by Shane Helms and Trevor Lee.

*Brooke Tessmacher defeated Sienna.

*Moose & Brandi Rhodes defeat Crazzy Steve & Rosemary when Moose pins Crazzy Steve.

*DCC challenge anyone to a fight.  Eli Drake & Tyrus out, they call out the DCC for a handicap match.  DCC wins.

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