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By Dave Scherer on 2017-01-10 09:50:00

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Read your stance on Heyman with Lesnar I agree that Heyman should be exclusive but my question how would you like for him to turn on Brock Lesnar and become the same role for Braun Strowman and have Strowman vs. Lesnar at SummerSlam?

That is an interesting question.  Six months ago I would have said no way, but Strowman has improved tremendously and I give him credit for the work he has put in.  I would be fine with that if the plan was to truly elevate Strowman and have him get heat from beating Lesnar.  If the plan were to have Strowman lose, I think it would be a big mistake.

I have always liked Natalya, but I have always hated the way she has been booked. But this new storyline with Nikki Bella seems so pointless and silly. Where do you think it is going, or is it just something to fill the time?

It is all about being catty.  When you are in a program with the other women who appear on Total Divas/Total Bellas, they tend to incorporate inanity into the storyline.

Why were there titles called “Brass Knuckles” titles.  Were brass knuckles legal in those matches? 

Not that I remember.  They were more tough guy, no stipulation type of matches.

Whilst I applaud TNA for their attempt at a streaming service in the UK, is this firstly an easy option rather than putting the energy into finding a dedicated TV channel that can work to promote the brand, and secondly have they not seen the reports about the appalling broadband coverage in huge parts of Great Britain??

OK, in life we hear what people say and often have to decipher what the truth is.  When Dixie Carter gave the ridiculous “we don’t want the show to be spoiled by a few days” reason for TNA leaving Challenge TV, no one with an ounce of sense believed it.  In no scenario do I think that they would walk away from one of their top paying TV deals with no replacement.  So, it seems pretty clear to me that they lost that deal, couldn’t find another one by the start of this month so they are trying the streaming deal.  That is my take on it.

Since there seems to be a lack of established contenders for Asuka’s NXT title, if you were WWE would you consider booking her in a one-off match with Sara Amato/Sara Del Rey at a Takeover or other special event while you’re building up the rest of the division? I know she has her spot cemented as a trainer, but I feel like this would be a legitimate draw and, selfishly, I just want to see this match!

They did it with Mickie James.  I would have no problem with your scenario.  Sara would deliver big time if they did.

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