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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-09 14:11:00

Kenny Omega was interviewed by Sports Illustrated today, commenting for the first time on John Cena posting a photo of Omega on his own Instagram in the wake of Omega announcing he was re-evaluating his plans after headlining the 1/4 New Japan Tokyo Dome event.

“John Cena is one of the great WWE talents that I respect most,” Omega told Justin Barraso. “If I were to end up there, working with someone of his caliber would certainly be a goal and jive with my mission of changing wrestling. I’m glad to be on his radar, but I haven’t made any decisions regarding my future yet.”

As I wrote yesterday on [Elite subscribers, click here.], Omega's current deal with New Japan ends on 1/31.

“I fear that everyone has taken my words too literally," said Omega.  "Yes, I’m out of the country and off of shows, but I haven’t signed any new contracts yet. After such a huge loss, I didn’t want to just hang around and take part in meaningless matches. I’m only interested in changing the business, so I’m thinking carefully about what’s next.”

Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada will air this Friday on New Japan on AXS TV.

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