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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-09 13:56:00

George Jetson, meet Vince McMahon.  The first trailer for the forthcoming WWE/Jetsons crossover animated film "Robo-Wrestlemania" has been released:

The film will feature, among other WWE personalities, Roman Reigns, Big Show, Seth Rollins, Alicia Fox, The Usos, Sheamus and Vince McMahon.  The plot of the film will see WWE stars and The Jetsons working together to prevent Orbit City from being taken over by The Big Show, who after being frozen in ice for 100 years, now wants to take control.

WWE first reported plans for the Jetsons crossover animated film back in September 2015.  The film will be the fourth collaboration with Warner animation, following two Scooby-Doo films and one Flintstones film, all of which were released direct to home market before debuting on The Cartoon Network.

Warner Bros. animation are also currently working on animated shorts that would feature Hanna-Barbera characters wrestling WWE personalities with the idea is that they would air on Cartoon Network.

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