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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-09 09:35:00

TNA is not taping today at Universal Studios beyond filming some pre-tapes.  They resume tapings for a live audience tomorrow.  The schedule for tapings this week in Orlando, Florida is as follows:

Tuesday 1/10 at 6 PM.
Wednesday 1/11 at 6 PM.
Thursday 1/12 at 6 PM.

We've gotten a lot of questions about TNA music changes and whether this was something that was brought on by Anthem Media and Billy Corgan's settlement last year.  We are told that the changes are a production decision and were not required by the settlement.  Certainly the Corgan-composed music is gone due to the end of that relationship.  We are told that TNA had the option to pay to continue to use the Marilyn Manson song as Decay's theme and declined to do so.  That is a REAL shame as the presentation made the act much bigger.  We are also told that (and this blows my mind) music composed and performed by Sheri Shaw from sstaria was offered to TNA to continue to use for free and that as well, was turned down.  So, the new Allie theme song that just debuted on TV and was perfect for that character is already done.  So, for those who asked, this was a choice by TNA management. It is what it is.  It won't change the bottom line in any way, but in some cases, was a step backwards.

As previously noted, there are plans to tape 3/2-3/9 at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

There are also still plans to run somewhere in Orlando over Wrestlemania weekend, possibly partnering with another promotion.

The latest on house show touring is that they have a plan but have not gone forward with it and probably would not until this summer.

The company intends to finally undertake their long-gestating (and once postponed) tour of India this summer as well.

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