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By Andrew Twiss on 2017-01-09 08:54:00

I wasn't able to stay through the whole taping  but here is what I saw last night. 

This episode is slated to air on January 26, except for the X Division Title match, which may air at a different times I'm not sure, and the Xplosion match.

Xplosion: Davey Richards def. Andrew Everett

Impact  Jan 26th

- Drew Galloway recaps his neck injury and says he has a greater purpose. He says he could have been a World Champion,  but wanted to make the Grand Championship special. He issues an open challenge. Moose accepts.

- TNA Grand Championship Match: Drew Galloway  (c) def. Moose

- The Hardys cut a promo, talking about wanting all of the gold. DCC come out and say they're don't want to wait another week for their match. Decay comes out and sees opportunity. They all brawl and a title match is set up.

- Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match: The Hardys (c) def. DCC and Decay 

- Knockouts Championship Monster's Ball match:  Rosemary (c) def. Jade. 

Post match: Gail Kim comes out to check on Jade, but Rosemary nails Gail with the mist.

Open Fight Night: Trevor Lee cashes his briefcase in for an X Division Title Ladder Match

- Open Fight Night: X Division Title Ladder Match: Trevor Lee def. DJ Z (c) to win the X Division Championship 

- TNA World Championship 30 Minute Iron Man Match: Lashley def. Eddie Edwards (c) 3 Falls to 2 to win the TNA World Championship. 

As I noted, there was other material filmed after I left the tapings.

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