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By Grant Fletcher on 2017-01-09 08:45:00

Wildkat Wrestling, fresh off its new TV deal on WUPL in New Orleans, returned to the city on 1/7.  Here's a complete report of what was a fun few hours of pro wrestling.

The Situ-Asian’ Bu Ku Dao def. Francisco Ciatso w/Stormy Lee via pinfall.  Our opening contest was just the right start to an evening of good old fashioned wrestling!  It was clear that the newcomer, Ciatso, underestimated Bu Ku Dao from the start.  It’s a mistake many have made before and all have paid for it.  He was quick to be put on the defensive by Bu Ku leading Stormy Lee to intervene in the form of a distraction from ringside.  From there all Ciatso had to do was keep a nice steady pace, slowly chipping away at Dao’s constitution.  As all Wildkat fans know however, Bu Ku Dao will never say ‘die’ and it wasn’t long before the former Heavyweight Champ found himself back in control of the match.  Ciatso quickly found himself locked in the General Tso Mission and immediately began to tap… but our official was distracted by the vociferous Ms. Lee on the apron.  Dao sent Ciatso head first into Stormy for her trouble then felled his opponent with Wasabi!  A three count later and Bu Ku Dao had sent Francisco Ciatso packing from his Wildkat Sports debut.

Edgrin Stone v Shane Taylor ends in no contest due to a run in by Pump Patrol. The Pretty Boy Killers/The Handouts rivalry continues as one half of both gargantuan teams collided in clash of titans!  Having words before the match both made it clear that there would be no quarter asked and none taken once the bell had rung, and they made good on their promise.  Our combatants locked up, showing us that they’re mammoth strength was evenly matched.  A series of shoulder blocks would prove the same.  It’s rare that either of these two aren’t physically stronger than their opponent.  

Where Stone couldn’t outmatch his opponent in raw power he could however outmatch him in underhandedness.  An attack from behind got the better of Taylor and the fight went outside of the ring.  Both outside and inside of the ring Shane Taylor fired back at every opportunity.  You see, while Stone is more underhanded Taylor is more agile.  A man his size should not be able to move like he does.  A Murda Time Clothesline attempt was stopped short by a sick spinebuster from Stone, but before The Handout could score the pinfall our matchup would be interrupted by The Pump Patrol!

Stomping and clubbing away at both Taylor and Stone, Curt Matthews, Johnny Flex and Jared Wayne sent a message that they are not to be ignored.  I can’t wait to see where this three-sided war goes next!

‘The Southern Stomper’ Luke Hawx def. Hyperstreak via pinfall.  Hyperstreak was looking for a Wildkat win, and this would be a big victory if he could knock off a former Heavyweight champ.  Luke was quick to overpower Hyperstreak, flinging him end over end from one side of the ring to the other.  After taking a moment to collect himself Hyperstreak showed that he’d have better luck trying to outpace ‘The Southern Stomper’.  He was clearly right.   Hyperstreak kept Hawx on his toes at every turn.  He even went so far as to nail Luke with a rolling senton to the outside!  Back inside Hyperstreak looked to capitalize on this advantage with another aerial assault.  By sheer force of will Luke took a diving crossbody, but rolled through on the pin attempt and lifted Hyperstreak for a powerslam!  3 seconds later and Hawx was declared our victor.  After the match our two combatants gave props to one another in a show of mutual respect.

‘Outlaw’ Matt Lancie def. Damien Wayne via was no shortage of animosity between these two in this WrestleCade rematch.  The two of them set in on each other hard with some stiff shots and solid slams.  The matchup turned comedic for a time with a plethora of low blows from Lanice accompanied by some amusing selling from Wayne, but things became serious when the match went out of the ring.  They turned up the intensity by making use of anything and everything at ringside.  Nothing was off limits; ring posts, chairs and even the timekeeper’s table were all used… mostly by Lancie.  

Wayne turned it around with a scoop slam on the hard floor followed up with a leg drop from the apron!  Back inside a missed splash from the second rope would give Lancie all the distance he’d need to strike with a devastating spear!  At that point the pinfall was just a formality.

‘The Chalmation Sensation’ Danny Flamingo(c) def. Scott Phoenix via pinfall to retain the Revolution Championship.  The recently crowned Revolution Champion had a gargantuan task in front of him, and he bit off more than he could chew early on.  The overconfident Danny Flamingo tried to match strength with Scott Phoenix.  It’s a mistake the champion would do well not to make again.  Phoenix punished Flamingo with every strike and slam he could dish out in a short amount of time.  The clever Flamingo retreated outside of the ring to recover and re-plan his strategy.  Once he reentered the ring things went much better for him.  A Rocky and Carlo’s Special sent Phoenix reeling, but only garnered him a 2 count.  The following DRS Jawbreaker however, would be the final blow in this championship bout.  The ensuing pinfall gained Danny his second successful defense of the Wildkat Revolution Title!

‘Wildcard’ J. Spade def. Rhett Titus via pinfall.  Before this match started Rhett Titus took to the microphone to proclaim that it didn’t matter who his opponent was because, “The Big Dawg is gonna turn him into Kibbles and Bits!”  The two of them found their groove with some chain wrestling that resulted in a stalemate, but Titus would take the lead by deviously attacking Spade while he was posturing to the adulation of the Wildkat fans.  Rhett Titus kept Spade on the defensive for some time.  Always a step ahead of the Wildkat favorite.  A diving headscissor takedown from the second rope would swing momentum back in Spade’s favor.  A series of strikes leading to a diving tornado DDT would have done in the visitor from ROH, but Titus managed to get a rope break.  No matter to Wildcard who followed up with a savage lungblower and a strong discuss forearm for the 3 count!  This match was badass!

Socorro w/Hardbody Harper def. ‘Mythian Warrior’ Anthony via pinfall.  Before the match ‘Handsome’ Hardbody Harper took to the microphone to bemoan the fact that Anthony would not leave him alone.  He complained that his former client in ‘The House of Harper’ had issues that he could not move on from.  His rant was cut short by Anthony’s music who wasted no time in setting in on Socorro.   The fight quickly went outside and Harper carefully kept his distance.  After a couple of attempts, distractions and intervention from Harper from ringside got the better of Anthony and Socorro went straight to work.  Socorro punished the knee of Anthony; sapping the strength and mobility from ‘The Mythian Warrior’.  Anthony caught Socorro unaware with a devastating Ace Crusher, but couldn’t gain the advantage over him due to the damage done to his knee.  From there the match turned into an all out slugfest from which neither man was prepared to yield.  A major shakeup came when Anthony sent Socorro out of the ring, then came crashing down on both him and Harper from the ring like a man possessed!  Once back inside Harper was able to distract both the official and Anthony in time for Socorro to attempt a schoolboy pinfall.  The charade only garnered him a 2 count, but it was just what he needed to get the advantage for the Splash of Soco.  3 seconds later Socorro and Harper had added a check to the ‘W’ column against Anthony.

Stevie Richards(c) def. ‘Ruthless’ Ryan Davidson via pinfall to retain the Wildkat Heavyweight Championship.  It’s clear that the bookers and matchmakers of Wildkat aren’t making things easy on the newly-crowned champion as ‘Ruthless’ Ryan Davidson is… well… ruthless.  Davidson is no fool.  He made expert use of his superior size and strength, but the veteran Richards was quick to outsmart him.  After taking a brief breather outside Davidson went back at it successfully overpowering the champ.  He set his own steady pace, but would break his own rhythm any chance he got to gloat in front of the Wildkat fans.  Clamping on a vice-lice bearhug Davidson was slowly but surely wearing the champion down.  This is until Stevie escaped by biting Ryan’s nose.  Davidson gave Richards a receipt in the form of a Death Valley driver, but Stevie Richards was able to fend off a second rope splash with a boot to the face.  A lightning fast Stevie Kick later and the Wildkat Heavyweight Champion had successfully defended his title against the visitor from ROW!

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