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By Dave Scherer on 2017-01-09 10:00:00

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What will they now do with The Miz?

If it’s me, I have him win the Royal Rumble and take on AJ Styles at WrestleMania.  John Cena and The Undertaker, if they don’t change that plan, don’t need the WWE Title in their WrestleMania match.  Miz has been awesome this year and is working at a high level.  He is a heel that everyone hates, which is rare.  That is a testament to how good he has been.  And if they want to make AJ Styles a tough guy babyface, which I think he would be great at, Miz is the perfect vehicle to get him there.

Will Sasha come to SD?

I don’t see it happening right now.  She is a valuable part of the Raw brand and Smackdown’s women are coming into their own as well.  I don’t see any need to make that change.

Why did Taker say he was back, then disappear...and then will show up on Raw?? Am I missing something?

If you are, it’s the same thing I am missing.  That appearance where he said he was back on Smackdown was just bizarre in that there was no follow up.

So The Undertaker returns at Smackdown before Survivor Series, implies Smackdown is his home and if they lose to RAW they have him to deal with. He then vanishes for 6 weeks and is announced to be on RAW next week. I’ve heard Vince thinks fans will forget, but seriously…. How can they honestly explain someone now being on a show they all but confirmed they were not part of 6 weeks earlier??? It makes NO sense. Just advertise HBK for RAW on 1/9, and Taker for SDLive on 1/10. Simple.

As I said above, I am with you.  It makes no sense at all.

Will the second Cruiserweight Classic happen this year?

I haven’t heard that there will be.  Given that there is a TV show as well as an existing division, I think if they do have a tournament, it would have to be something more to determine a number one contender than just crown a winner.

Now that Asuka has beat Paige's record for longest reign as NXT Women's Champion, how do you see them handling her eventual promotion to the main roster? The only people I can see her lose to right now are either Ember Moon or Nikki Cross. Or could they bring her up and vacate the title and be the only undefeated NXT Superstar in history to get promoted?

They could go either way.  I like the lineage of the Title staying in tact but sooner or later, it will get obvious that when a woman loses the belt, she is going up the roster.  Right now, there isn’t a clear cut number one contender so if they wanted to move her up it might be the time to have her get called up while champion and do a tournament to crown the new champion.  That is, if they have plans to call her up.

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