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By Dave Scherer on 2017-01-08 10:00:00

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With it being WWE Hall of Fame time again, one person that comes to mind to be considered is JBL.  With all due respect to DDP, do you think JBL should be in there too?  Who besides do you think should be in the Hall that is not already there considering there are some questionable members in there?

I think JBL is definitely worthy of the WWE Hall, based on its criteria.  You could even make a case for him as a Hall Of Famer if the Hall used a defined criteria.  He had a pretty damn good career.

Why does Vince call up acts like Tyler Breeze, the Ascension and Apollo Crews and not push them at all?  Wouldn't they be better served staying in NXT where they were over to an extent?

In some cases, like with say The Ascension, they have done all that they can in NXT and it’s time for them to go to see if they can contribute on the main roster.  In other cases, talents are brought up with the hopes of pushing them, like Crews.  Unfortunately, they are handled by a different creative team, which a much different head of that team, on the main roster.  So the talents that are seen by the group in charge in NXT are often lost on the main roster braintrust.

For some reason, the 14th entrant of the Royal Rumble match was almost always been plagued with bad luck (.i.e., Cody Rhodes was released a few months after drawing #14 in the Rumble). Is it because 14 is Vince McMahon's least favorite number?

That would have to be why.  Beware The Ides Of March, and being 14th in the Rumble!  Vince must have known when he booked Cody at 14 that he would asked to be released later in the year.

So they bring Cena back to challenge AJ at the Rumble, with the word being it will be Cena/Taker at WM, why not have Samoa Joe enter the Rumble, have an excellent showing, then have a program with AJ.  These 2 had some great matches in TNA and I think having a fresh face challenge for the belt would help with the ratings.

I would have no issue with it.  Joe is great and has been awesome in NXT.  My fear would be exactly what is mentioned above, he would get there and Vince McMahon wouldn’t be impressed, and he would be wasted.  Plus, NXT is a touring brand, that needs to draw in some big buildings.  We know Joe can play a big role in that.  Unless we were sure Joe would get a real, legitimate push, I would rather he stay in NXT and not be wasted on the main roster.

Please make some sense out of this Carmella/Ellsworth storyline. What is the point; where is it going?

I wish I could.  Unless Carmella is just messing with him, I don’t get it.  I hope they aren’t going to do a gimmick for her where she has a fetish for chinless, mealy men.  That sounds like a career killer to me.

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