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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-07 10:00:00

Could you please verify/deny the rumor that Verizon FIOS is dropping POPTV from its channel lineup?  If so, could you please tell me how I could watch TNA without having to switch cable providers?  Is it available via the FITE App?

For those of who who use Verizon Fios for your cable provider and subscribe to their "Custom" or "Select" packages, Pop will be removed from the system as of 1/15.  If you subscribe to Fios' "Preferred", "Extreme" or "Ultimate" packages, you will still be able to watch Pop.  Impact is not currently available on the Fite App.

Where has Bad News Barrett been?

Stu Bennett aka Barrett returned to Europe after receiving his WWE release.  He's done some acting work but hasn't pursued any pro wrestling appearances.  We are told he recently returned to Florida.

Do you know any wrestlers who are Scientologists?

 I do not, and honestly, pro wrestler's religions will not be a subject that is ever discussed on this website.  That's their personal business and shouldn't be in the public discourse.

Why have we not seen Kenny Omega in Ring of Honor of late?

I am told that's been a creative decision.    It may be they are very waiting for the right moment to use him down the line.

Do you see Kenny Omega going to WWE?

Perhaps.  I think Omega is very smartly using the platform his excellent Wrestle Kingdom 11 main event has provided him to insure that he'll get the most potential attention and the greatest potential deals going forward.  He's been very shrewd that way.

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