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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-07 09:10:00

TNA will continue their busy TV taping schedule today and tomorrow with tapings at Universal Studios in Orlando today at 1 PM and 7 PM.    There will also be tapings tomorrow at 1 PM and 7 PM.

The main angle coming out of the One Night Only PPV, by the way, was that Davey Richards accidentally nailed EC3 with a chair while attempting to hit Bobby Lashley with one during the Eddie Edwards vs. EC3 main event.  The PPV will replay all month on PPV providers and on the FiteTV app, where it is available for VOD orders.  The next ONO PPV will air 2/10. 

There were references to Gail Kim having an injury that is taking longer to heal than originally expected after a surgery on the ONO PPV last night.  We are told she underwent a back surgery recently.

There are plans to film a Knockouts-themed PPV this weekend.

Aron Rex will soon debut a Liberace-esque gimmick with Rockstar Spud as his man servant.  The character is similar to one Rex has pitched in the past to WWE that was never used.

Karen Jarrett was backstage at last night's One Night Only PPV, as were all the Jarrett family children.   She was not backstage at the TV taping on Thursday.

Sgt. Chris Melendez was also visiting at yesterday's PPV.

Tyrus made his appearance on the Greg Gutfield Show last night on FOX News (which he regularly appears on) via satellite from backstage in Orlando.

Decay's new theme music is by Dale Oliver, who has composed a lot of TNA themes over the years.  The loss of the Marilyn Manson song was absolutely felt during the ring entrances this week.

On Page 2 are spoiler results from last night's One Night Only PPV.

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